Good Alexa ranking secret bandits

Good Alexa ranking secret bandits

alexa rankings, the earth people know. In the pull in advertising, website ranking, website Links exchange, cooperation is a very important reference standard, so how to improve the skills of relaxed Alexa ranking is the webmaster dream pursuit.

we look at the first picture, the site’s Alexa ranking chart, when the world’s 119863rd highest ranking. Background statistics show that the number of IP is 39, 51yes statistics. The ranking is still down a lot, the average weekly ranking is about 280 thousand. Now there is nothing to change the site, a lot of visits dropped.

look at the background of the 51yes, we can see only more than and 200 people visit every week.

why hiwk so little IP, can achieve such a good ranking effect?

  before the introduction of my secrets, first understand the Alexa ranking rules, Alexa access to the data collected with Alexa tools of the computer users, if you installed the Alexa Toolbar, so you access any web page, will be Alexa to monitor. Alexa site based on the information he collected, ranking the site. In order to have his limitations, there is no access to the Alexa Toolbar access data, regardless of.
    take a look at those rules in the impact of Alexa Rankings, IP, PV, page stay time, click on the page interval, page Jump rate. The above five factors affect the ranking of LexA is my own practice and summary, what are the different opinions, please post comments in this article. If a lot of ordinary users (non webmaster) in the visit to the hiwk site, will leave some data, such as PV, page stay time, click on the page interval, page Jump rate. Alexa will compare inside the data and his model he collected the data, if the site is consistent with the data type of Alexa library inside quality web site case, so the site Alexa ranking will be greatly improved. Or there is a very good coefficient.

change coefficient × IP× PV× page retention time × (1- page bounce rate) = the world rankings.

  based on the above factors can be seen, the number of visitors, the number of installed Alexa Toolbar, installed Alexa Toolbar (occupation), installed Alexa Toolbar access habits, alex>

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