Notes on the social media marketing

Notes on the social media marketing

wiki is usually one of the more authoritative website, for example, we often use in the domestic Baidu encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, search encyclopedia, foreign popular Wikipedia. On the site of the Wikipedia page almost every keyword search results are often among the best. This means that Wikipedia website can get a lot of search traffic, but also by the majority of users welcomed the main reason. Because Wikipedia website provides a perfect brand and solve the reputation of the excellent platform for the relevant issues, but also through it to get a lot of targeted site traffic. Therefore, the Wikipedia website is often used by many enterprises as one of the means of social media marketing. There are a number of popular websites claiming that they have witnessed hundreds of thousands of visits from various web sites. Although it may not seem like a strictly regulated website, it has enough administrators to ensure that the rules of the site are not broken, and the abuse of the rules will be punished. If you do not want to be banned by the Wikipedia website, do not want to be included in the blacklist blacklist, then when the Wikipedia site on the social media marketing activities, we must seriously consider the following considerations.

Wikipedia website is not suitable for the establishment of external links. Wikipedia website is not only a website to build links. If your only goal is to add an external link to the relevant Wikipedia entry, you will eventually be found and are likely to be barred from speaking. So the first thing to do is to establish a network for the purpose of improving the credibility of the Encyclopedia of contributions, delete the entry that is inconsistent with the facts, it is best to first do some other selfless edits, again to provide external links of information. Because of the early addition of external links will often be seen as eager to self promotion, its intentions are easily found by the webmaster.

The contents of the

wiki website belong to the public. Enterprise pages, and even your resume, once posted on the web site, don’t belong to you. Once the web page has become a popular Internet content. The editors and contributors can add real content, these content may be negative, maintenance is not conducive to your company’s goals and brand reputation. If someone makes fun of your company on the wiki, and provides references and evidence to support its claims, it will be considered reasonable. You simply can’t delete the content, all you can do is find out other positive information that is equally reliable to counteract these negative effects.

establish relationships. If you want to be a respected fixed user on the wiki site and eventually become an administrator, it is important to establish a relationship with the current administrator to make yourself a valuable site participant. You need to be very carefully to protect their personal information page, for everyone’s interests rather than self-interest to edit entries, with Wikipedia website content. Of course, if you are going to edit entries that are directly related to your company (or other Wikipedia articles that are in conflict of interest), remember that this occasionally self serving editing operation must

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