On the importance of new media entrepreneurial team

On the importance of new media entrepreneurial team

with the bonus period of new media is getting less and less, whether it is to do the content or do the fans are more and more high threshold. I remember 2 years ago out of the participants, around a lot of new media friends are 2-5 people in a small team, but today, the number of possible many new media operations team WeChat account did not increase, but the number of team members is 2-5 from the original, may become 20-50.

from last year, you have a lot of friends told me that the importance of the team, I have been thinking of team building, so before the Spring Festival, the company has no more than 10 people, to the Spring Festival, had doubled the number of people. But many people, does not represent income more, probably because of the fierce competition environment, income will fall, but if you do not recruit more people, and will not be able to peer competition, and not only is that income declines, instead of being eliminated by the industry.

A: why more and more people new media company

may have some friends will wonder why in the operation of the account has not increased, the number of companies will turn so much in this? I’ll simply share, but also to just enter the field of new media with a reference point.

1: improved content threshold

Whether we do the local WeChat or WeChat’s content before

, basically from the Internet simply changed under the head and tail, is copied. So at that time, the 1 small series, you may be responsible for the same time 4-5 local WeChat account update.

But with the

WeChat official on the original protection, so a lot of articles you want to be able to have, especially if your local WeChat, WeChat has a certain influence on the local, it is considered by many to stare at, so must write original. So the previous 1 people may be able to complete the task, and now may need several people to complete.

and even some new media company, in particular, to do a more well-known local WeChat large, are responsible for the original content of a 3-5 account. So it may only need to be completed before the contents of the 1-2 update workload, now requires 5-10 individuals. We have a large local Chongqing, each other not only original graphic content, also do illustrations, video and so on, the 1 account with a team of 20 people, but the team still single Hugh, even the usual evening and weekend overtime. Visible operation of a local WeChat large, is not easy, how high the cost.

2: advertising, operations, market expansion needs

national WeChat relatively good, basically are outside the initiative to find the door, so the number of advertising staff is not very high. But if it’s a local WeChat, it’s not the same. Because now the competition is intense, some ads may also recruit a number of advertising salesman, every day to run out of business.

some other local WeChat in order to increase the number of fans, may also be equipped with a lot of market players, such as WeChat printers, WiFi plus powder channels >

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