Put aside the principle of steps the network marketing in the end how to do

Put aside the principle of steps the network marketing in the end how to do

on network marketing I think different people will have a different understanding, in the Internet era, network marketing is a fire can not fire words. But how to do it well, and if I can make it work, I think no one can come to a final conclusion. And a lot of information on interpretation about network marketing are too professional, which makes many novice friends can not figure out the true meaning, I not only, but also have some cognition for the network marketing, so in the network marketing summed up four points, hope to use the popular language made out, more or less to help everyone.

net. The essence of marketing is to get through the user’s promotion channels, that is, when we want to spread out the spread of information, we should do a good job of user compaction and maintenance. Do you like the main stock, guiding others business, first of all you have to do with the audience. So the fundamentals of marketing to do a good job. So how to do a good job marketing Fundamentals I think with the implementation of network products, the past is not suitable for the purpose of pushing the message is not right, or now we want to be the basic point of marketing as a precision. Screening user attributes, understanding user preferences, and their source channels to do a simple summary, so that the latter push more efficient. Now what should pay attention to the conversion rate, not excessive mining flow exposure, whether you will transmit information do how fine, push more will inevitably lead to aesthetic fatigue, so the precision of the marketing means I quite agree with this kind of marketing mode, for a lot of people are in use, such as a particular male the user brings beauty marketing is one face. For this, we can think about and ponder.

fish. Fishing fish this is the harvest phase of treatment. Most of the time we thought the number of fans up, push message is also very clever, copywriting design but also the next step is quiet waiting for a seamless heavenly robe, the effect on the line. But to think so? I want to know what is the ultimate goal of network marketing in our definition? This time for the vast majority of marketers to mission has been completed, even if there is a service, also is useless, anyway, money is to earn their own pocket. This is the network marketing idea is not mature, the fishermen know a moratorium, catch fish in the process, also have only a big fish, the fish will be released. Although the release did not exist in marketing, but the reason is the same, the network marketing in size fits all circumstances, it is necessary to establish a sustainable development strategy. Need to think about what is behind this harvest, this is not the biggest fish, will not attract greater, or more fish. Always, is to put a long line to catch a big fish, cultivate long-term vision. Therefore, this is simply to say that marketing is not excessive use, proper maintenance, the use of information is also vital to the conversion of attention.

multi maintenance. Better understanding of the significance of maintenance for you. After all, network marketing is not a two business behavior, sometimes need to be used for many times, the audience exposure, then at this time

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