Tencent Sogou investment after almost C round of financing valued over 300 million

Tencent Sogou investment after almost C round of financing valued over 300 million

Beijing morning news (reporter Han Yuanjia) how to express the care of a senior user on the platform to invest and personally site may be an effective means. Yesterday, the Q & a platform almost announced that it has received $55 million C round of financing, investors, including Tencent and Sogou, led by Tencent.

recently, known to obtain financing news has become a hot topic in the Internet, users know almost on the platform also expressed strong interest in the truth of the incident, as of yesterday afternoon, this topic has received nearly 3000 people.

know almost founder Zhou source in the know almost said that this round of financing is a new investment Tencent and Sogou, Tencent lead. Know almost before investors Saif, Qiming venture and innovation workshops in the current round of investment, Ethernet capital acted as financial advisor. The company’s valuation of more than $300 million, the source said Zhou, chose the Tencent and Sogou, because I believe that Ma Huateng and Wang Xiaochuan understand and know almost focus on the product itself, in the sincerity and comprehensive strength, Tencent and Sogou are excellent investors.

then, almost know the senior users, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan in the know almost said: if you want to know to do one thing, that is’ cooperation ‘; if you want to do two things, that is’ investment + cooperation’. I am pleased that this time to achieve these two ideals, Sogou involved in this round of investment, and expand strategic cooperation."

Tencent investors are also aware of the almost said, knowing that the community has long been a large number of high quality content and users, is a very unique and valuable Chinese Internet products. Innovation workshop founder Wang Hua said, knowing almost has a unique value, almost can meet the needs of the people, self promotion.

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