Stationmaster net broadcast iOS9 official version released panda TV on September 21st on line

Stationmaster net broadcast iOS9 official version released panda TV on September 21st on line

1 mobile phone service was suspended after March is still not real name or permanently disabled  

Since September 1st,

announced the implementation of the Ministry of industry in the history of the most stringent mobile phone real name system since the implementation of the policy has been the focus of attention. Has been in the network of old customers, there are operators also issued a deadline for refusing to name the "stop" processing notice. Yesterday, the Legislative Affairs Office of Guangdong Province issued "on the implementation of Telecom user identity information registration system of the decision (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "decision"), made detailed provisions to promote the mobile phone real name system. The draft publicity period to September 30th, after the end of the public will be reported to the provincial government.

found that impersonation documents will alarm

"decision" clearly, telecom operators for telecom users for fixed and mobile telephony, broadband Internet, wireless network card installed, moves, accounts, transfer and replacement card, modify password, order or change the telecommunications business tariff packages and other formalities, shall require the telecommunications users to produce valid documents, inspection and identity registration information or registration of telecommunication users.

2 lonely artist Zhang Xiaolong, Zhou Hongyi could not understand why he did such a man WeChat  

about the origin of WeChat, a piece of the most famous is this: a few years ago, "WeChat" the father of Zhang Xiaolong in the West Wing for the Longquan temple, pondering on several technical problems not the solution, flay the data into pieces. When a monk came in to clean up the data to help him paste up, but also wrote a few words, so the world later on, "WeChat".

Zhang Xiaolong gave the impression of a lot of people are good and deserve daniel. His friend hecaitou said, Zhang Xiaolong is a lonely man, a heavy smoker, "Kent is the largest consumer of Guangzhou in the middle of the night". He only has two hobbies weekly tennis and music every night, the rest of the time to lead the team in round the clock to write code.

3 the Internet financial company, and hungry, Durex is playing a cross

a bigger hole in the Internet financial company

recently, the Internet financial platform Lu Jin announced the whole platform strategy, as well as three cross-border cooperation projects: a useful amount of users the same huge takeaway service, "hungry" social marketing "Durex", are also developing "Kung Fu Panda 3", "Oriental dreamworks".

At present,

, Lu Jin and hungry Mody cooperation projects have been launched by hungry App ordering users through the area registered in Lu Jin, and to buy any financial products, you can get a total of 35 yuan of money hungry. It seems that this project is mainly to attract new users.

4.1000 beta.

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