QQ main business main channel realized secret nightclub

QQ main business main channel realized secret nightclub


The "

club" is just a sales channel of QQ group, QQ group covers many idle away in seeking pleasure consumption circle.


is good at managing QQ group, through the activities of the organization get considerable income, but they themselves have become an indispensable part of city life in the chain.

this reporter Yan Dongxue photography will be

Beijing night bar gathered gongtixilu. "Travel" with several men and women, entirely absorbed straight walked into a nightclub, after the door directly left, where a booth settled, take the wine, toast to several people behind him.

this is a QQ party. This "small group" in the nightclub life as the theme, gathered more than 1 thousand and 200 people, while the "travel" is the main group "". In the past three years, the day he concealed his real name and occupation, the use of leisure time to blend in the QQ group, organized gathering line, and get a high commission.

in the next table, is another batch of QQ group party. The difference is, they pack a larger deck, the table also drinks a thirteen, men and women, from three QQ group, by different traction group gathered here. "Travel" to know that several group, but did not come forward to greeting. In his view, this is a subtle circle, there are competition and cooperation. "If there is no QQ group, half of the nightclub in Beijing will be closed." He said.



in the QQ group search page, enter "Beijing friends" and "club", "Mix (one of the famous Beijing nightclub)" and other words, can find dozens of related group of friends. As an established three year super qq group, "travel" group ranked in the search results page, group Gif icon is highlighted in the picture, a row of high-heeled shoes, big icon, seem right.

"travel" worked in a Internet Co, love "bubble" nightclub. Initially, he love a person to play club, then a friend suggested that he opened a QQ group, this can not only know more people, also become the main means more than a "a way of earning money".

became a nightclub on the QQ group when marketing channels, no one knows the exact time. From the beginning of the birth of the QQ group, there have been such interest together "organization", is the beginning of the main lead organization activities and the implementation of AA, later found the business profitable, just follow him to cooperate.

Club QQ group just established, "travel" work is not busy, put a lot of time and energy "business" QQ group, group members make the number of the rapid upgrade. Initially, the group only friends, students, including more than a hundred people, more than a year later, the staff gradually stabilized in more than 1 thousand and 200 people, ranking stable in the first page of the search results of the first few.

group activities are fixed — two times a week night party "

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