Fodder two female seeking host Sell the domain name 360 com cn

Fodder two female seeking host Sell the domain name 360 com cn

renamed China ( April 3rd news, yesterday, 360 Education Group founder Luo LUKE @ micro-blog admit has acquired the domain name, this has been the seller flavour to sell to the Qihoo 360, but is not always the domain name, going around in a few years, a $360 billion acquisition of, finally fell into 360 the hands of the education group. the idea that the life of speaking of the domain name, simply called the "cannon fodder is a two female seeking host the dog story. Things back in February 2012, when micro-blog, micro-blog in the Reds @ flavour openly selling, offer 1 million 200 thousand yuan. 8 months later, micro-blog said that if the does not sell, it may be used in the mobile phone industry. In November, flavour added, there are mysterious buyers to buy, estimated to be Jingdong or Qihoo, and directed 360 search domain name is not good.


figure: fragrant micro-blog

but by the end of 2012, was not sold. In 2013, the ads on micro-blog said, "any enemy Zhou Hongyi, just bought this 360 domain name, just the whole a whole week, enough to let the total fire in the backyard, let him awful, that his life is full of sense of failure!" of course, the flavour of this series of Ming Dynasty with elevation of value, for the acquisition of speech, was also dismissed as speculation.


, and then see the news on micro-blog, is the last year when it will be transferred to the fragrant incense of its dark horse will be Taobao shop and is now acquired by the 360 education group. The clock has been Qihoo 360, persist for years still do not give up the flavour why this will agree to resell to others? See 360 bought is the main, he did not want to, then the second or 360 education out of money is really attractive


is not clear, the 360 education group in the end is how much money to convince the dye to sell, but in view of the Pearl in the former, it should not be cheap. User @ m strong brother said, "a meters, I have made an inquiry, the other person does not sell, only to sell the company." Netizen @ Liu Chuanzhe also commented, before the offer seems to 10 million". left a psychological shadow?

also said that 360 education group, which is a flagship zero agency to study the educational website, but frequently involved in the domain name transactions, generous acquisition of,, etc.

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