Baidu’s Japan Baidu in japan

Baidu’s Japan Baidu in japan

Baidu is a good company, not because Baidu is China company, not because Baidu search is well done, I’m not a Baidu employee, but Baidu can indeed bring benefits and convenience to the majority of Internet users China foundation, bring fun and happiness. Therefore, I personally believe that: Baidu at least for Chinese Internet users, is a good company.


but the Chinese search giant and hope is now moving towards an unpredictable future, why? Because strategic direction!



in the mainland area Chinese stable Ba search market, its strategy becomes: globalization, then, Baidu Hongkong, Baidu Japan have opened and hot, to the general public feeling, is a thriving scene, but the problem is: Baidu to solve its own problems?


Baidu’s "Japanese"


some time ago broke the Baidu "porn" incident is to prove safety of Baidu’s image search function: a large number of pictures with pornographic content, easy to search and access; makes Baidu in cultural media has received great pressure, rectification and adjustment, Baidu is at that time to do the work of the effect is good. A large number of words are shielded search, removed the massive pornographic images, the basic work is satisfactory, like the previous search: "Youchi" and "sex" and other words, do the corresponding processing.


but not all? We in the Baidu pictures in search of "Japan", or the presence of a large number of erotic, some may say: "why not erotic and pornographic, strict requirements!" , but a website, is the details of the need to determine the success or failure of the details, there has been no strict requirements, competitors will have been fighting this weakness.


as an international company, is at least as strategic international companies, these details not strict requirements, laissez faire ceaselessly, will lead to the continuity of the disaster more, just like the butterfly effect: "North Atlantic butterfly flapping its wings, a storm will cause the southern hemisphere


Japan’s "Baidu"


Baidu entered japan! The news has produced a lot of reverse in the Chinese network community, as a Chinese founded the network company, can successfully enter the high-tech oriented Japanese market, itself is a breakthrough, even the move as China capital to enter the international market a sign.


of course, I personally appreciate Baidu’s move, but this move, Baidu ready?


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