Scenery here alone good Adsense nets team fishing Bay Lianyungang Beach Tour

Scenery here alone good Adsense nets team fishing Bay Lianyungang Beach Tour

scenery as well, enjoy the scenery that quiet, share the leisure to relax. Leave the network, turn off QQ, give yourself a happy weekend.

Fishing Bay, "North Zhangjiajie"

chose to go fishing Bay and give up the mountain of flowers and fruit, not only is it the "North Zhangjiajie" reputation, more important is the webmaster friends some of Lianyungang strongly recommended, heard Yu Wan in the Qing Dynasty was immersed in the sea, in order to get a boat fishermen shelter, is the most unusual year of water continuously. To look into the Bay, bay, bridges, pavilions, pines Pavilion court Xiubo, clear spring valley birds sing and flowers give forth fragrance, and won a wash, compared with Cleansing Cream more comfortable; compared with other tourist attractions, Yu Wan although no traces of history, no touching legend, is a pure the scenic resort, but here is the embrace of nature, but there is no burden on the heart, the inside of the air is good, is very comfortable.
we play here in the stone skipping, water is not much, it is not deep, long-term lack of exercise, not on the upstream; go, the road more difficult to walk, some place is almost vertical, and narrow, some prominent stone, people must bow but, for fear of accidentally falling down. To the source of the waterfall is a reservoir, in a mountain of water from the reservoir, it has no way out. This is not the hot summer walking in the mountain, enjoying the beauty of nature.

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