The tomato garden be the same outside and inside

The tomato garden be the same outside and inside

news background:

modified version of the tomato garden landscaping Windows XP, author of the software download site, the tomato garden ( chief Hong Lei’s father in late August 19th 22:50 exclusive to Sina Technology confirmed that Hong Lei has been in the 15 day (Friday) by the police detention, the site was closed, the server and Hong Lei’s notebook was taken away by police, the technology development for Hong Lei support the Chengdu red Technology Co. Ltd. was sealed.

have such an interpretation of the meaning of your tomato garden and the concept of "tomato garden" in Baidu encyclopedia entry: "if you use four words to describe the tomato, is very simple, it is to" be the same outside and inside. It is also "be the same outside and inside the tomato garden" concept, on behalf of the heart. The meaning of tomato reminds us of the truth in life, and we also hope that everyone who read the meaning of tomato friends like tomato color, make a person be the same outside and inside."

            tomato garden is simply impeccable on their own "table" explanation, and in this entry comment, but we found a dramatic and "table" inconsistent "".

343215611: tomatoes are those who only look at the surface of the time and do not pay attention to the actual people. People who despise tomatoes. The back door is not the main, the key is to let others to hang up the virus.

jamisonlee: tomato garden is said to have modified the Xp system with a back door, which I never used. If the light is in nice interface, convenient installation and give up security, I think that is the The loss outweighs the gain.

008123009: tomato system often can not save the memory for the "Read" seriously affect the normal use, in a forum of management is a dark, high handed, did not allow others to say different opinions, so don’t love. In particular, some managers have a bad attitude, such as "not painting". Let the tomato always Zimingqinggao,

closed doors!

anli773: I don’t really like the tomato garden. It’s safer to go straight to a plate.

here, users dissatisfied with the tomato garden system security and site management.

"one thing, without it, Chinese computer industry at least ten years back; there are convenient to buy something than genuine fake; there is something to sell to hide, people who buy the righteous. This is piracy." Tomato garden, a lot of people like to use pirated operating system, Microsoft also seem to be more advanced, has been in the use of Microsoft’s operating system platform, do your own business, of course, he let the form of free users to download and use XP and Vista, and then the internal placement plugin, in order to profit. 2007, the Chinese market piracy Vista, 0ffice >

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