WeChat sword governance circle of friends centesimate social ecological purification

WeChat sword governance circle of friends centesimate social ecological purification

March 15th, WeChat in the International Consumer Rights Day homeopathic release of WeChat circle of friends to use the specification (hereinafter referred to as the norm), and on-line WeChat security center official micro-blog and public accounts. This nearly 6000 words of the specification, involving the contents of the specification, behavioral norms, data use norms, payment standards and related penalties mechanism.

specifically, the "norm" in the circle of friends in the infringement, pornography and pornography, gambling, violence, edge Mafia, advertising content has been clearly defined; the powder brush, plug-in behavior such as a clear specification; and the illegal phenomenon formed a formal treatment guidelines.

this means that WeChat’s circle of friends in the content of the laissez faire into strict control. Yuan Jun, President of mantle advertising, told reporters that the purpose of WeChat’s move there are three: first, to combat excessive marketing; the two is responsible for the health of public opinion on the social platform; the three is to strengthen copyright protection."

delineated red line

I do not know since when, WeChat’s circle of friends gradually become no longer pure. The emergence of various micro business, purchasing so that people began to grow tired of the circle of friends; all kinds of forwarding information also makes people feel helpless hearsay. In this case, WeChat did not stand idly by, a round of rules have been introduced, and in March 15th this year, WeChat introduced the specification is known as the history of the most comprehensive use of norms.

it is reported that the "standard" focus on the delineation of the circle of friends of the "red line" — those involving infringement, infringement of privacy, pornography and pornography, gambling, violence, grazing and shehei illegal, false advertising and other content have become banned objects. The false information, induced sharing, the content of the class will also be subject to induction. On this basis, WeChat official will also deal with the circle of friends, the use of plug-in, brush powder and other acts.

for violation of content, WeChat will take a ladder punishment. Specifically, illegal content found that removing content and shielding WeChat circle of friends; the subject of infringement and infringement, delete the first time, repeated or serious will be a certain period of treatment of illegal account titles.

it is understood that the circle of friends to induce sharing behavior, is the focus of the clean-up of WeChat. It is not difficult to find, and now many public numbers are "sharing circle of friends can participate in sweepstakes activities, in addition, similar to the share in order to know the answer, with exaggerated words to stress, entice users to share, such as" do not turn not Chinese, after forwarding a life of peace ", is obviously induced sharing behavior the. WeChat announced to the public, through the red, lottery and other means to induce the user to marketing content sharing to a circle of friends, once discovered or reported, relevant information will be blocked, and permanent, and even were banned for the domain name, IP address, public number.

"the" standard "is the biggest highlight of the release, in addition to a number of social networking sites must comply with the rules, WeChat has also increased a lot of the past

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