Talking about the planning and publicity of the beautiful picture station

Talking about the planning and publicity of the beautiful picture station

I have always thought so, write an article, can not be like most of the webmaster, like the point of writing site experience, and then add a bit of feeling, plus a link, send out. Every article I write, are thoughtful, I hope to see the people can learn something from the middle school, but also to write their own ideas, but also hope to be able to make progress after writing.

today, I want to introduce myself to a beautiful picture of my station planning, including website optimization and website publicity, hoping to be helpful to some novice friends:

a website optimization

1, beautiful pictures stand in the past few years is very fire, because the network is far greater than the net friend of female users. A good energy-saving we should pay more attention to the content, content is king, this is useful for any website. So your site must be clean and generous, before the traffic did not go up, please don’t put any advertising, because they cannot obtain income from what, it will affect the long-term development of the website, the website of beautiful pictures must be clear, the picture is best not to have other website watermark, it will appear to your website very professional, try to think of flying ads on the site, some pictures and full of watermark, people view beauty, not advertising, next time will not come again.

2, the image of the station SEO, which is the search engine optimization:

each page in the picture as far as possible, not too much, because of "greater search engines is more difficult; add keywords described in the picture of ALT tag, this is very important, because the search engine only text and picture recognition; embedded code should be 5 key labels included: SRC, width, height, ALT and title, the best of the 5 are written on the picture; name the name to take correlation, for example is a girl in the picture, you can use girl.jpg, but no such rules do not use alphanumeric combination a1345.jpg. In the picture below it is best to add some descriptive text (including keywords), because it may also affect the ranking in the search engine; in addition to the picture must be included in the link key word.

two, the promotion of beautiful pictures station:

1, Forum promotion

forum is my favorite promotion, the effect is good, but also do not spend money, and simple, as long as the post will be able to. Following the introduction of the forum to promote.


my site is beauty picture stand, so to promote the effect of some entertainment forums will be better, so the first good collection can be registered post, may have a signature, and a little control will be a little loose forums, each forum registered 3 accounts, set the signature, and these BBS address and username a excle document is recorded. The method of Collecting Forum: find a few

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