Marketing words the most able to seize the customer psychology 10 words

Marketing words the most able to seize the customer psychology 10 words

what are the words that customers love to hear? Some of these words may make you feel very surprised.

have you ever thought of this question: in the face of the goods shelves of a superb collection of beautiful things we will buy, why one, and not to consider other similar goods? Most of the time we did not personally used to buy goods, how can we make choices in all the options in the


what made you decide to go into a new restaurant, buy a new tube of toothpaste, or download a new software?.

when you are going to buy a commodity, the merchant’s sales language actually has a significant impact on your purchase decision, but you may not have noticed. While there are many factors that determine whether or not you will be able to buy a product, there is a fact that it is not broken – some of the selling language is to make the product sell better, do not agree with.

well, now let’s look at the ten words that customers love to hear when they shop.



you may think that the word "free" is very vulgar and has been overused. However, this is not the case, people just like free stuff, no reason and no reason. You can give away any free things, no matter how small your gift is cheap, will attract people’s attention.

Help Scout, Gregory · Jodi cites a study to prove the above argument: the researchers put in test groups to choose between two pieces of chocolate, a $0.15 SWISS THINS (Lindt), truffles, the other one is good (Hershey) produced Kiss chocolate only $0.01. 73% of people choose SWISS THINS chocolate truffles.

then, researchers had another group of subjects were selected in the two block of chocolate, a $0.14 SWISS THINS chocolate truffles, the other is a free good chocolate Kiss. This time, 69% of the subjects want to be free of good time Kiss. Why? Because everyone likes something free.



everyone wants to be the most "in" trendsetter. If you can pack their products very high, only to a small number of tall consumers, people will want to buy your product. Of course, the "exclusive" two words can also be replaced by other words, such as the only member, invitation only, first come first served, internal supply etc……. Anyway, we still want to buy.


easy to use

easy land of idyllic beauty does not exist, life is so complicated, we each have a lazy.

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