Micro blog’s marketing skills how to find target customers through micro blog

Micro blog’s marketing skills how to find target customers through micro blog

micro-blog to attract target customers to improve product sales, to create a personal or corporate reputation of micro-blog image, is one of the mainstream marketing. Many people have begun to use micro-blog marketing or promotion, but most people are generally the same effect. Micro-blog, the company’s target customers come from where?

1, key words:

1) "micro-blog search keywords" target customers in micro-blog keyword search box, input must be the core keywords, target customers such as "milk" target is the baby’s parents, so you can search keywords, my baby, my family, my home, my daughter’s son


2) nickname: many users love naming, beginning with the baby’s name for example: someone’s mother, so when the search target customers can search: Mom, mom, Zai Zai Niu


3) age / gender: to milk products for example: 25-35 years old adult women are mothers, but also a part of the target customers, you can search box according to age and sex in the micro-blog search! Different product requirements of different ages, can according to the actual situation of the specific choice of

4): there are obvious regional products, such as restaurants, hotels, etc., through the location, the search target user

2, competitors: must always pay attention to their competitors, collect competitors’ customers, from their own brand of competitors in the acquisition of accurate customer is a good choice!

3, hot topics: related hot topics participants. You can find a suitable product of the target customer groups concerned about the hot topic, find participants, these are potential customers.

4, industry renowned micro-blog:

1) involved in the interaction of people who can find some related industries relatively well-known micro-blog, such as milk products, parenting classes can focus on the popular micro-blog, micro-blog is also forwarded their business goals of fans, micro-blog can put forward these people collect


2) acquisition target customers: in this type of micro-blog fans are part of the target customers, you can collect the target customers one by one!

5, target customers like crowd:

milk powder products, you can focus on where Daddy where parent-child programs, these micro-blog fans and forward interactive participants may also be the target population.

note: the process of collecting, will need to distinguish real users and zombies, suggestions from micro-blog released micro-blog account number and the final release time to determine whether it is the real target customers! Real active users of micro-blog, micro-blog will not release much more special, micro-blog issued time is not clear to judge the timing! After that, you can manually put these fans a copy and paste, but will be time consuming, recommend the use of "Bo Yang software" to set the time, user, customer acquisition keywords peer love >

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