The special type of soft Wen marketing law

The special type of soft Wen marketing law

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also talk a lot about marketing and soft views, if anyone is interested can poke ~ today I look back on us is a special type of soft Wen, compared with the ordinary soft paper and interview soft are more tall on some


is the integration of a large amount of information about an event or topic, usually with information, pictures, videos, and so on, such as a large number of large sites are often subject to publicity. It seems that the high-end atmosphere on the level of wood have

so special soft Wen? In fact, is a special form of a soft writing and communication, through the establishment of a special web page in the media or website, so that a large number of retrieved from the internet. Is around the topic to be discussed, to organize knowledge and information, to add their own understanding, readability, fun, and greatly enhance the system.

topic soft Wen how to write?

first of all in the soft topic, we need to select the focus of our topic, only some people concerned, we will have a special flow. For example, these days, "said CEO, a singer and" junk "Papi sauce papitube", the more people pay attention to things better! If people can cause discussion and thinking about the event, then another value of special soft can be well reflected. Not only that, but also the theme of the article can be integrated, and then let our users to continue reading, the user to stay in their own website.

of course, you can also choose the opposite, but it is often very difficult to write, because you stand angle is different from the general point of view, to have a more profound reflection and their ideas, to convince the real can get user having substance in speech. Now if the "CEO" event is the fire, you can write on the opposite, do you think he is right and so on. Of course, just as an example, if you really write so that you will be sprayed to death, after all, we can not be too extreme for publicity is not


real value

theme of the soft text of the biggest competitiveness depends on its actual value, whether to teach the reader some of the knowledge of the system or push some useful information is critical. Don’t just talk about your product or project, which is often ignored by many people. In a soft Wen, it is best not to push their products, will appear relatively stiff. In this case, can be added to a number of non competitive products to foil.

appropriate picture video will also play a polish. Moreover, a number of topics is the focus, you can see a small beginning before written an article "soft down is hard up is" soft, not here in detail.


special type of soft marketing has a very ambitious >

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