How to do a good job of blog marketing technology sharing

How to do a good job of blog marketing technology sharing

blog is equivalent to their own paradise, feelings and advertising, where the ad casually do, pictures casually put, if customers want long-term cooperation, will certainly find ways to understand you. Blog can original articles related to the knowledge point of their own industry, let us blog can go further, let the industry go farther, let people know that we can browse the industry, our company and our people


1 links

to find some good shops to link, resource sharing, increase the amount of visits, enhance corporate visibility.

2, deliberately circle

community is very rich in human resources. And the formation of interaction is also very important group of experts. Business alliance, information exchange, resource sharing.

3, often go to buy the market

buy the market is also hidden unlimited business opportunities, often go shopping, take the initiative to contact the buyer, perhaps it will finalize a deal, which is also one of our practice push and pull one of the pull.

4, quality

The quality of

products is a standard for the survival and development of enterprises. Many enterprises regard the quality as the life, the enterprise must develop, the quality is the fundamental.

5, brand awareness and reputation

integrity, integrity, integrity as a prerequisite. People stand between heaven and earth, integrity as the fundamental. People are not sincere, the enterprise should be so. All enterprises, regardless of size, should be as good as their own lives, cherish the life of the enterprise – reputation, a good reputation can bring a good brand, a good business. In accordance with the existing enterprise accounting system, the brand and goodwill can be credited to the intangible assets of the assets, and we have no reason not to cherish it?

6, price

prices vary widely, a lot of controversy. Many people think that low price competition is an advantage, some people think that the middle price can bring more profits, etc.. We think: the money or to earn, for their own price is the best, is suitable for the United states.

7, service

we think that this is also very important, the price is no longer the only criterion for the buyer to clinch a deal or not. We will occasionally go online shopping, however, I never choose to have a bad evaluation of the seller to the transaction, especially the poor service category seller. The service is not good to bring us the trouble is really too numerous to mention. To allow buyers to buy the rest assured that the use of peace of mind, then you can become our loyal long-term customers. To pre-sale patience, the sale of intentions. After sales. When the buyer has any problems, try to help them solve. In the hands of the successful arrival of buyers, to timely, continuous tracking, so that our service can make the majority of customer satisfaction, and even allow our customers to help us publicity, free promotion!

8, technology


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