Logistics ntelligent Robot Geek announced tens of millions of dollars A round of financing

Logistics ntelligent Robot Geek announced tens of millions of dollars A round of financing

news October 13th, intelligent robotic company Geek+ announced that it has completed in May this year, tens of millions of dollars A round of financing, by Gao Rong capital and volcano stone Investment Co led.

Geek+ was founded in 2015, with intelligent logistics as a breakthrough point, combined with big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, research and development of intelligent logistics robot products. Very wise picking system Geek+ through mobile robot to achieve shelf "goods to the" picking, picking staff only according to the display and planting wall tag tips from the specified location picking a corresponding number of merchandise in order to break the box, the control orders to find goods "goods delivery" mode. So as to greatly improve the efficiency of warehousing and sorting, reduce labor costs, effectively reduce the risk of investment.

According to Bloomberg data, in 2016 the United States warehouse picking and packaging workers close to 900 thousand people, this part of the work of artificial replacement will become the main potential market for logistics robots in the United states. According to Roland Begg’s research, the 15 leading countries in the euro area has nearly 3 million 600 thousand related logistics non technical jobs, according to the logistics industry and the automotive industry robot situation contrast, Europe is expected to have nearly 1 million 500 thousand jobs have a chance of being replaced by logistics robot.

Considering the

China electricity supplier industry and logistics industry has maintained a rapid development, the potential demand of logistics robot in Chinese is likely to reach millions of units, from the amount of view, the logistics market can be close to one hundred billion scale robot.

Geek+ founder and CEO Zheng Yong said: "Geek+ has been engaged in robotics and artificial intelligence technology in the field of warehousing and logistics, and create real value to intellectual technology, the ultimate experience of the concept of customer, technological progress and innovation of leading intelligent logistics industry is the most important mission Geek+."

It is reported that the current Geek+

, the total warehouse space of 30 thousand square meters (6000 square meters around the largest single bin), the official commercial robot more than 200 units, single warehouse maximum daily shipping capacity of more than 20000. Geek+ robot picking system has been successfully implemented in Tmall, vip.com and other well-known electricity supplier warehouse.

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