Depth analysis WeChat micro business’s four profit model

Depth analysis WeChat micro business’s four profit model

Recently, WeChat

micro business marketing more and more fire, before that is a gust of wind, the single now appears to be an endless source of


micro business Baidu index has over 2 days, the derivative can be said to be a national undertaking something after Taobao.

everyone has so few friends to do micro business and this trend is still spreading Taobao with the year, innumerable, but few real money, now WeChat can make money for a total of four kinds of modes.

the first direct entry from the 0 cut, agent products, and then retail, the success rate is very low

second is selling agents, this approach is now very common, can make money, but it does not last long, unless you are their own exclusive products, or a proxy.

third is combined with their own business to do WeChat, for example, some of our classmates QQ space to lose weight, you can slowly introduce the customer to WeChat, and then continue to sell the corresponding other products.

fourth is to engage in WeChat marketing products, such as training, such as software, such as tutorials, such as circles, etc..

said the first one, that is, starting from the 0 direct selling products

this is not too suggest you do, especially some has bad Street mask, new balance shoes what, to basically is fodder, that if you want to do, it is best to combine the unique resources, supply, advantages of their own to do, for example, someone selling a local specialty. My hometown my hometown specialty pork jerky, there is a person in the WeChat sell very fire, puerile.

but I am used to do violence products, do not come to puerile things, more love to play high price, before people do health products, and collection of jade, in fact is the blue ocean strategy, mask, shoes are playing bad, point out the door may have a way out. Of course, this model also needs to have enough fans, that is, we often say that the flow, database. Now WeChat popular powder method, in fact, are not very accurate, I still prefer to let customers to add us.

For example,

in Post Bar, watercress and other community forum advertising, to attract customers directly to your QQ, it is generally more accurate so as to omit the marketing behind, because the customer is a direct demand, is to buy it to you every day in the province, friends punctuate praise greetings, with the same


anyway, we used to play with the PC side of the promotion, emphasize to attract customers with QQ, you change directly to attract customers with WeChat is a routine, product, flow, followed by marketing, in the same circle of friends which is the best way to do marketing is customer witness


a few days ago added a special sale of girls training a person, his circle of friends is his membership in.

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