Company Taobao shop owner must see free promotion tips

Company Taobao shop owner must see free promotion tips

Now many people choose Taobao

business, because it depends on the Internet, is richly endowed by nature advantage is more important because of its low start-up costs, less investment, and there are some who do is fast, as Ma said, e-commerce so that the world is not difficult to do business, the initial earnings will be difficult but as long as doing network promotion, insist on, electronic business affairs still has hope.

The promotion of

shop can be divided into two kinds of free and paid, but just for the Taobao business people, free promotion is the best way to promote, search today gave you a summary of some of the free, and the effect is also good promotion for everyone to share.

1 gang promotion. As the saying goes, now Taobao launched a variety of gang activity, as the owner of a new outlets do not participate in, of course and the products we sell are highly relevant, these gangs will regularly hold some activities, as long as there are active users, something the auction, a good tool ah, ah software for everyone to share then, you will get a very high authority in the gang, Wang can also help you open advertising. This is very helpful to increase the flow of your shop. Beginners can do this is not easy to learn and master a good relationship.

2 community promotion model. In fact, it is not easy to mix a face here, because the popularity is too high. New owner can find and product related sub plate to reply, that post is to have their own characteristics, must the intentions to reply, don’t always irrigation and so on, again if the writing is good, can write their own essence paste, also can write some soft wen. For example, experience sharing, method summary, business, and so on, you have to know that people in the Taobao shopping are likely to become your buyers, not necessarily in the sale of things.

general zhidingtie exposure rate is very high, can be in one day to shop flow from you several times, but writing an article is not an easy thing, novice sellers can write their own encountered in open shop problems, and solutions to these, after entering the Taobao seller it is a precious wise remark of an experienced person.

3 Amoy promotion. Everyone firewood high flame, this way is the promotion of the best effect, in general, are free to post your advertisement in China webmaster website, if buyers Click to buy, you pay to Amoy a certain amount of commission after receiving the money, as a novice seller, this is pretty good, because in the case of insufficient traffic, there has been a lot of people in various places to do business. But when you make money at the same time, don’t forget to clean the guest webmaster friends Commission ah, this ratio should be set up, with the money we earn, not unkind to them.

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