A more detailed Witkey promotion planning scheme

A more detailed Witkey promotion planning scheme

an overview

1, what is Witkey


Witkey (wit English Witkey is wisdom, key key) transliteration. Witkey refers to in the network era by virtue of their ability (wisdom and creativity), to sell their own rich working time and work achievement and get paid on the Internet people. Generally speaking, Witkey is to sell the value of their intangible assets results in the network platform of workers. At present, domestic Witkey platform more, higher visibility, traffic is better, and China Chinese Witkey task pig three.

2, what is Witkey promotion


use of Witkey platform promotion belongs to a disguised means of promotion, similar to the recruitment promotion (seemingly release recruitment information, but advertising). Because of Witkey promotion of high interest, low cost and wide popularity, issued a Witkey task (general for 15 days), the cost is usually only at prices ranging from 50-2000 yuan, you can hang in Witkey website 15 days of advertising. In addition to the introduction of traffic, Witkey website usually have a higher weight, it can bring the high quality of the chain for us, but also by publishing tasks (such as for AD), can also get the knowledge we need property, killing two birds with one stone.

two, Witkey promotion and implementation of

on the two Witkey task: Mall ad for, forum posting, at the same time, China, China Witkey task three pig Witkey released platform. The task on Witkey, in addition to the mall network exposure, the introduction of traffic, also can bring mall advertisement plan and the forum a lot of information for us.

program one: mall advertising language program

program title: Oriental childe mall 200 yuan to solicit a slogan

program content:

this advertisement for promotion of online shopping and Oriental Oriental childe childe brand image, simple and easy to remember, catchy, best brand name contains "Oriental Son". Please be sure to log on to our website, a detailed understanding of our business, so that advertising language is more suited to our actual needs, improve the probability of winning.

1, the introduction of Oriental childe

iDFGZ online mall start-up investment for Hongkong East childe (International) Limited by Share Ltd. The investor owns up to Xinyi Garment Co. Ltd., is located in a "Chinese shirt first city", "fashion shirt kingdom" and "shirt manufacturing experts" reputation of Guangdong city in Puning province. At present, the garment factory construction area of about 130 thousand square meters, set design, production and sales as a whole, strict management, exquisite workmanship, annual production of more than 3 million pieces of clothing. With 18 years of hard work ahead, make efforts, leisure and business men’s brand of Oriental son enjoys a high reputation in the industry, in the country are agents or distributors, annual sales exceeded 100 million yuan.


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