Song Yanguo how to promote art website planning

Song Yanguo how to promote art website planning

with the hot network marketing. In addition to a lot of commercial nature of enterprises and individuals to join in, the promotion of art websites, art marketing network has quietly become more up. So we face this is not pure business, but also for the purpose of art for the purpose of how to promote the art of customers, then planning is very important. Song Yanguo today and we exchange.

we have done such a customer before, he is to do website promotion, and ultimately want to sell some of the work on the site. He tried to set up shop in Taobao, but it didn’t work. We found out later. In fact, for such customers, we give only two words planning, looks very simple, but it is very difficult to do the word "packaging"".

what is art? Many people call themselves artists. Many people call their own works of art. Many people may say that this is the market has the final say. Wrong, this is his own say. I have been to the customer said the words, why a lot of stars singing tune, singing, as the draft, why ordinary ice cream two dollars, will be hundreds of Haagen dazs. The difference lies in the packaging. What you give it a position, give it what culture. So I and the customer said, if you take these pictures as a commodity, you may sell three hundred yuan of money. But if you think of them as works of art, it will be very high. So it must be from head to toe. First of all, the site is to do. A little bit of art can not attract visitors to the site, but can not let them stay, of course, less interested in buying. The second is to show a lot of works on the website. But not too much. The amount is not important, don’t let people feel confused and roadside stall you. The third is that the auction price must be high, but also to take advantage of charity side. Sell as much as possible to take out some of the people who want to help themselves. Of course, how much of you, but must be true, can not lie. It makes people feel you are of great ingenuity. At the same time, we did a series of information about the artist, such as Wikipedia, blog, and so on. There is a lot of information on the internet. This will be convincing. Of course, we did a series of other jobs. Because of the principle of confidentiality, I do not say much.

Song Yanguo today to talk about the promotion of art website, the main thing is to say, for different types of customers, we should give different positioning. Of course, this is in line with its own, but also the details must be done. In particular, the promotion of art website or network marketing. Culture and temperament are particularly important. First moved himself, and then moved others. Give yourself a good package, there is a self-confidence to show to the world. This is what I want to say.

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