Why is love with viral marketing

Why is love with viral marketing

on the promotion of Internet, almost all the virus promotion, however, the real success of viral marketing is less and less, and, as the Internet environment becomes more and more purification, strengthen the immune ability of Internet marketing, recalling the 2015 memorable viral marketing events, that only the "Japanese toilet", "UNIQLO room" and "Qingdao prawn" more influential, in addition to the "UNIQLO room", some people may think of two other events is not marketing, however, we understand the characteristics of viral marketing, may be able to have a correct understanding of the new virus marketing.

viral marketing has three characteristics, the first is the characteristics of pathogens, since it is a viral marketing, "pathogen" is indispensable, in the success of the viral marketing case, the most successful service based viral marketing pioneer Hotmail, obtained by simple mail marketing amounts of registered customers. In China, the success of the virus marketing event, it is everyone’s e-mail marketing network, once let everyone become the most popular social networking site…… In the traditional Internet marketing, viral marketing mode has a great relationship are the most mailbox, many network promotion in viral marketing, is to send mail based, however, since it is a "virus", the audience sooner or later have immunity, and now the so-called mail promotion is not a pure "viral marketing", is at best a point to multipoint transmission of radiation, far less than the traditional word of mouth effect of viral marketing. In short, the virus marketing pathogen is a product or service, of course, the pathogen to the communicator, has not yet formed immunity!

has a "pathogen", also need second factors, that is "vulnerable groups", the characteristics of the susceptible population is the largest of the acceptance of the product or service information, and to "us" will quickly pass on the information. And the way of communication is spontaneous, the transmission mode is also very simple, can be formed in a short time the geometric effect of communication. UNIQLO dressing room is almost overnight around the circle of friends through WeChat forward, "Japanese toilet" in a short period of time through the QQ group, WeChat news, until the media attention, "eleven", then go to Japan Shopping Chinese tourists because the "toilet" time increase, but radiation to new products. The "eleven" and "Qingdao prawn" event, through the news, netizens ridicule WeChat radiation piece etc., All the world knows. "tourist attractions cheating phenomenon, is not news", "Qingdao prawn" can be famous, and it has enough amount of tourists are closely related, if not a lot of "vulnerable groups" spread, "Qingdao prawn" will not

overnight!Is the last element of

virus marketing suitable "communication channels" on the Internet, viral marketing communication channels in the classic, is mainly to the mailbox, in addition to books, software, IM tools etc.. "Pathogen" can be in "easy feeling crowd" spread, with the interest of this group, interest, the way that information receives is closely bound up

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