A brief talk on the combination of network promotion and TV media

A brief talk on the combination of network promotion and TV media

I do not know what time from the beginning, usually do not play the game for me, this is a game of Fantasy Westward Journey began to attract my attention. The search began Fantasy Westward Journey on the web, and friends will be out of this topic. However, in many game player friends have heard, Fantasy Westward Journey, this game is not what they are, there are also some friends just given a negative evaluation. So you have to let me in the wind reputations surprised. However, Fantasy Westward Journey game fun or not, it is indeed a propaganda momentum occupy a position at the top of the network game.

according to our previous understanding of online games, online games promotion is mainly through the promotion of the game, friends promotion, network promotion, Internet cafes and other ways to promote the completion of. With the popularity of online games, game manufacturers to snatch the market to promote the way it has gradually enriched up, there has been experience promotion, celebrity endorsements promotion. And the Fantasy Westward Journey go can be regarded as a new path, promote the network and TV media together, through cooperation with Hunan TV, and TV advertising and promotion in the entertainment sector two.

network game promotion path of such promotion compared to the past, can be said to be a contrarian promotion, after all the network promotion than the traditional TV media has too many advantages. These advantages include interactivity, pertinence, persistence, flexibility, low cost and so on. However, the success of the promotion of Fantasy Westward Journey, let us see the feasibility of the promotion path and the actual effect. The path to success, I think the main reason is that several aspects: the first is based on the television media has experienced so many years of development, has been integrated into the people basic necessities of life so that the most basic life circle, its coverage more widely, for different types of consumer groups, spread wider range. Secondly, the TV media has experienced a process of extending to the network media, and is familiar with the action mode of the network media. Finally, the support of new technology and new policy. Hunan Xiangtan triple play pilot work has officially started in Changsha, Internet and broadcast television networks, telecommunication networks are mutual penetration and mutual compatibility, and gradually integrated into a unified information communication network.

look at this, the combination of network promotion and television media to a certain extent, combines the advantages of both. I mainly from three aspects to understand. On the one hand is the audience, the audience of TV media coverage, and network promotion to potential users of the most likely lock directly, the audience often targeted to a certain extent, but also limited its promotion breadth. In this perspective, the possibility and feasibility of the combination. On the other hand, it is the combination of the actual consumption benefits of the two, the TV media in the weight of reputation and corporate image of the establishment, and network promotion is more direct and convenient consumer channels and processes. Finally, taking into account the issue of credit, based on the development of television media for many years, the audience is more likely to believe that it is true. And in the promotion of a number of vulgar network present, the combination of the two must be promoted in terms of credit has improved. In >

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