Her sister Master financing such as teach you 5 strokes bubble investors

Her sister Master financing such as teach you 5 strokes bubble investors

financing is a compulsory course for entrepreneurs, in the current situation of the capital of the winter, many entrepreneurs because of financing difficulties and lead to the end of the road to entrepreneurship.

In fact,

, finance and bubble road has many similarities, the financing is to win investors, let him give you money, because of who is to take the woman, sex or other.

here, 100 Jun Liao Mei Master steal a few strokes cheats, now sell, to help entrepreneurs successfully "bubble" on his right of the investors.

, 1 girls to be cheeky, want to succeed, don’t be afraid to refuse

girl refused to be girls, is a normal thing. If not what, just hide myself while repeatedly sigh "God fell dejected, negative me!", so you don’t have glass heart lonely life no justice! Thick skinned, is to become the standard Master Liao Mei, is the first prerequisite elements.

similarly, the entrepreneur financing is declined very normal, even for dozens of times refused to end up in a gray is also not uncommon. Many investors themselves are entrepreneurs, as many as hundreds of items seen every year, what is the one with you on the look at your project?

notes, each investor to cast a project in bear a huge risk, hundreds of millions or even billions of money go in, not to listen to a sound, just for fun!

so, when financing entrepreneurs, even if you have the world’s most mad pull cool hanging fried day is also very creative, may not be the investors find hundreds of reasons to refuse, is that investors are thousands of reasons to refuse.

then, entrepreneurs have to do is to calm down, and think that the financing Ma think Zhang Ying missed YY scorched by the flames, Jingwei, millet, and constantly looking for new investors, until success.

2, to find out the "girl" temper, take

., to do a detailed analysis on the collected information of interest, personality woman, background, then to see whether it is their own dishes, then determine the match up, targeted. So friends, can often achieve a multiplier effect by surprise.

investors like excellent teams and forward-looking projects and products, but the interests of different points of view, different areas of focus, usually focus on specific areas, specific financing stage of the start-up company. So to find out the ins and outs of investors choose the right investors, and they are particularly important in financing.

some entrepreneurial team cast a wide net, do not care about the previous research, the background of investor preferences, just for financing and financing, the investor is not seen in the rush to meet with investors in the way.

looks like this is actually hard to touch luck financing action, the results can be imagined, or luck melt >

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