nternet personal branding

nternet personal branding



if you want to make the Internet personal brand step by step, process, then the following nine steps can help you to establish a good personal brand of the internet.

a clear understanding of their

to create their own Internet brand premise is to have a clear understanding of their own. Then you need to ask yourself some questions:

what skills do I have? For example, ability, education, professional experience. (unique) ability is the premise of the brand.

what areas do I like, such as network marketing, writing, software development. Love is passion, passion is the source of power.

where is my niche market (segmentation), for example: hospital network marketing, sales letter writing, web Zhuan software development. Niche markets create differentiation, avoid competition and bring value.

two, others evaluation

friends, colleagues and customers.

the third party evaluation can make you have a clearer understanding of yourself, what advantages, what are the disadvantages, what are the strengths, weaknesses and what.

The advantages and strengths of

is its own resources you can use the Internet to establish a personal brand, shortcomings and weaknesses is building your personal brand of Internet minefield.

know that we need to avoid weaknesses, increase their odds, reduce the chance of mistakes.

three, achievement preference

everyone to build the Internet personal brand may vary, but there is a reason for most brand builders to build a personal brand, is to obtain "achievement".

Before we build the

brand, we need to ask ourselves, "what do I want to achieve?"

determines what he wants. We also need to know the prerequisites for achievement.

what are the prerequisites for achievement?

three points, namely: products and services, target audience, unique style

three points are indispensable.

products and services, is relying on individual brands. For example: you can provide a field of training, you can provide some kind of high-quality products, you can provide a unique service.

target audience, is a personal brand support. If there is no fans, the brand will not be able to talk about.

unique style, is an important component of personal brand. Style is the brand characteristics, there is no feature of the brand is not long.

four, create brand

when the above three points are clear, we will

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