How to use the site to enhance the visibility of the site

How to use the site to enhance the visibility of the site

what is speculation? The author thinks that the hype is refers to himself or others through some exaggerated, fiction, that fact means of personal skills, or their products, ideas, website publicity and attract media reports to improve a user behavior in the exposure rate. The purpose of speculation is to obtain economic benefits. Speculation is a derogatory term, is also a double-edged sword. With a good, can play a good role in the promotion of publicity, the use of bad, will make the target customer resentment, and even lead to their own reputation sweep. Therefore, how to make use of the hype become the key to enterprise, individual, website promotion. Now the network hype has become the enterprise and personal website essential propaganda way, on the one hand, the network than any other advertising hype, low cost, obvious effect, on the other hand, a huge number of Internet users, quickly spread widely, high interactivity, successful hype is the effect of other way can achieve hype. Therefore, Adsense nets satisfied that personal site in addition to the promotion of the essential, suitable for moderate hype can further improve the site’s popularity and flow.

author had written an article on the Jia Junpeng incident to promote the introduction of the enlightenment, which has talked about the promotion of appropriate hype to promote. If we regard the Jia Junpeng incident as a premeditated hype behind the push, then there is no doubt that this is a successful case of speculation. No matter what purpose, in short, Baidu World of Warcraft bar has become the focus, not only Baidu, World of Warcraft and NetEase are following the exposure of the next. World of Warcraft owners, NetEase has not open service, not only the media and netizens have been hot, game player are more and more worried, at this delicate time the location of the subtle, appear this kind of card can not make people feel surprised and questioned. And the man who called the thorns sparrow no matter post is meant to ridicule or deliberately hype or opportunity to let yourself a fire, your Sina blog traffic will be rising rapidly.

There are a lot of

network hype case, success and failures, such as success during "last year 512 earthquake ban Wang Laoji" posts, such as the failure of "street" "girl" identity "in NPC and CPPCC during the" attack "the Ministry of education" and "foreign language teaching system of" BFSU perfume female event. I believe that the success of the failure of the network hype or not the key lies in a word, want to use the media to hype their own, it is necessary to tap or even create events, so that the media can be attractive, can become a hot spot. Webmaster in the hype of their website remember to grasp the word, so that both the intensity and degree of speculation, but also a moderate degree of limited. Grasp the good, you will be successful, bad grasp, often a hair can not be collected, resulting in a negative impact on the network. Here are two cases of failure and success to analyze how to grasp this degree.

first look at Wang Laoji’s hype. First in the 518 earthquake disaster relief party Wong Lo Kat brand production company jiaduobao donated one hundred million, the television viewers have the JDB group with special respect and admire praise of the public.

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