The transformation of the electricity supplier to the director of the development experience of the

The transformation of the electricity supplier to the director of the development experience of the

began in May 2009, 2 years, NALA has achieved a monthly sales of more than 15 million, one of the leading cosmetics vertical category in the past 0 years. Is also a typical representative of rapid development.

from 2009 to 2010, from the beginning of entrepreneurship to grow, my first article published in the school. During the 3 article became the hot, I didn’t write. After that, it has also become a number of guests attended the meeting. I am grateful to the generation and old xing. I wish I could write down my experience and help more people like I did two years ago.

I personally experience the real process of theory and practice, experience a variety of hard and hard work, feel very lucky, but also aware of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

began in 2011, with venture capital, with a stronger team;

started in 2011, NALA has turned from a big seller for a real e-commerce business, in the summer, the independent B2C will be on-line.

began in 2011, NALA has a solid foundation in the supply chain, brand cooperation, operation and other aspects.

I know:

we still have a lot of imperfections, need more effort, more learning, more talents to join, faster speed!

I want to

in this article to some important experience more overall summary of these two years, may include me in the exchange of other occasions, also can increase some 00 pieces, but the teuth seriously arrange, hope useful to you. I am trying not to use any of the difficult technical terms, in order to help the people who entered the electricity supplier. My style has always been simple and direct, and I hope it won’t lead to criticism.

the cause of entrepreneurship

2002, almost 10 years ago, when I first went to college, I liked computer DIY and hardware. At that time, DIY profit is good, I can be very low price to the students with them to use a very reliable computer, so many students let me help them buy a computer. This is a very small business. Then did some digital business, especially when MP3 just got up, the profit is very high. The initial business through the BBS to do, business bigger, I registered the domain name, do a website, also belong to the first B2C site, with a small team do together. At that time, I found out that I was a born dealer".

in December 2008, I was in Korea POSTECH master. Wife has been in Korea, so she used her spare time to help students buy Korean cosmetics. Through a lot of local forums and Taobao shop to sell, this time to help a classmate’s shop to do four diamond.

it’s about time I got married, but when I bought my 53 inch LCD TV on my website

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