No hole KFC and McDonald’s marketing

No hole KFC and McDonald’s marketing

swept the continent as KFC and McDonald’s fast food, presumably is really no one knows, but in the marketing sector, they are also famous.

last month, the United States KFC out of a dark commodity: 3000 of the Kentucky Fried chicken chicken block sunscreen, but also free of charge, just within three hours, was robbed of an empty.

"Sandz emulsion smells like emulsion," KFC marketing President Kevin Hochman on commercial observation reporters said, "so we thought, why not smell like fried chicken?"

May, KFC launched a "point aftertaste" edible nail polish in Hongkong, this campaign has quickly spread throughout the network, provides a new form of marketing, but also reflects the outbreak of this by limiting the number of line of odd goods online social networking hot.

this fried chicken sunscreen also uses a similar marketing. KFC’s merchandise in the United States on the famous social platform Tweet speed is amazing, and quickly occupied a similar business observation, wealth, the United States today, and even the weather channel’s major headlines.


not only that, a few months ago, KFC’s India store launched a food packaging box called "Watt A Box". Observe carefully, you will be in the box was found on a mobile phone charging interface and a data line, yes, this is a 6100 Ma mobile power! It comes with a power switch, while providing Lightning and USB interface, support for iOS and Android devices, with it, people can enjoy food for a while mobile phone charging.


does that sound interesting? In fact, our products can also have some more interesting gifts or ideas, of course, not to say what the price of high-tech. But think about even just send a toy children’s meals are so loved, identify the needs of customers, the appropriate to a little sweetness, will virtually increase the user’s goodwill and loyalty!

McDonald’s early toys pay more attention to the development of own image, for example, hamburglar. Sister and brother bird milkshake. Now, it is more love and those authorized by the joint hot image, in addition to toys introduced in some movie like small yellow people, the Penguins of Madagascar, The Smurfs, Doraemon, durable Hello Kitty and has been used for McDonald’s sweet cross-border design improvement.

cross-border cooperation for McDonald’s toys attraction and radiation surface have greatly increased, people to buy the meal is no longer because it is McDonald’s toys, but because of his love of a cartoon image. Some toy series are not only available by buying children’s packages

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