Sharing can be used to promote the four resources

Sharing can be used to promote the four resources

website promotion needs to do more than one thing, many webmaster has been in the promotion of their website, but some effect is good, but some general. In addition to promotion of the way, there is in the hands of different resources, if we carefully observe it, can find a lot of resources available on the Internet, these resources can help us improve the flow, improve the keywords ranking, for everyone to share one below.

Baidu know is the opportunity to distribute

Baidu know now is one of the best domestic quiz platform, the content inside covers most of the industry, also including of course we are familiar with the Internet industry. Baidu knows that it is an opportunity for the distribution center, there are many users need to solve the problem, if we help them, then we are to help themselves. As a simple example, it has a lot of friends ask about SEO, if we answered their questions, and their website promotion, so it is not a lot of stationmaster love shooting two birds with one stone, a post in the forums, but Posts often don’t value, others read after three seconds it will forget you the content, so what is the point? It’s better to spend more time on Baidu know.

webmaster platform to enhance brand value

website promotion, website and so are bound to the relevant Webmaster Platform is a good choice for us. On the platform, there are already too many target customers, and very active, which for us, it is a resource. All we have to do is to provide valuable information to the webmaster, the platform of the customer to our own site. There are two general methods, the first is the use of soft Wen, soft Wen is a very good way to write a good effect is amazing.

video site to enhance Baidu related domain

video site is the best of all of us, we look at the video when the first to pay attention to two points, one is the thumbnail itself, two is the title itself. As for the thumbnail, it is affected by the upload video, we can not change, but for the title can be controlled. Upload some of your favorite videos, directly into the video into the brand name or URL, to achieve the purpose of strengthening the brand and enhance the relevant domain of Baidu. For example, recommended this week, Jimmy funny video ranking, etc.. Video traffic is huge, every day is a lot of traffic search. As long as we grasp this point, do a good job in the video industry, is a powerful weapon.

micro-blog pictures spread visibility


, click on the people most is not the picture or text links, but you are interspersed with pictures, because micro-blog’s content is relatively short, and if there are pictures of the collocation, will focus on the transfer of people. We can use micro-blog pictures to promote our website. For example, the site is done, then create a high fan two blog, interspersed in the blog in the picture as far as possible the use of their own pictures, "

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