How to obtain high precision users at low cost

How to obtain high precision users at low cost


product line, if you are a business, should first consider the product of the target population, and combined with the product attributes to obtain accurate users, and this part of the people as the core users of the product, the product beta and operation is a crucial point of application.


first of all, we should recognize and not every product for high-profile operation, to get a variety of products, great in strength and impetus make snap in seminars, invited top people, the product settled, although the operation can achieve very high output in the early stage, the scale will be a big green, but often this kind of the most exciting products, a little worried is that Big word seldom accompany great deed. But most of the products in the product line, should be the following.

Before the

product line, often painted on a cake, confident to do plan A, plan B… But some gap between expectations and reality, then continue to rally, continue to fill in the blank of input and output. Until finally, we found that the product has very large indeed, users of magnitude too large, but the product attributes are constantly redefined, the user is too complex, the operating pressure is also growing, this is we often encounter problems.

product line before

users should be accurate and accurate pre acquisition.

red book as the representative of the product line to the current size, in fact, in the eyes of everyone in the field, less and less. However, it can get very high value users, and continue to support their team, like "Hongkong shopping guide" (Red Book predecessor), catch the line in Hongkong before Christmas promotion, product manager with a beta version to the Shanghai Immigration Bureau spent a day, specifically looking for a queue permit go to Hongkong women’s trial, praise. He brought a stack of cards issued, the two-dimensional code above is the little red book of public numbers. The target user is very clear, represented by women, most of the white-collar class, while loving overseas shopping crowd.

low-key simple, trial operation to get the first batch of on-line seed users.

if the product is too fast to enter the public view, in fact, is likely to cause the user and industry forecasts, if the company is small, it is likely to be copied business model, or even the entire product framework. In order to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, the operation of the early try to go farther than others, even if the function is not fully developed, but also has the first mover advantage. Therefore, the early low-key simple operation is also needed to recognize a point.

product testing, access to product information.

the actual operation and the original idea is actually a gap, in the face of this difference of information, go through product testing, obtain more product information, go to the thinking operation, means high value product that is on the line. But as the entrepreneurial team, in this process you will find a lot of technical barriers, then how to avoid it to evade the crucial point.

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