There is a marketing name silent warmth the breakdown of marketing case

There is a marketing name silent warmth the breakdown of marketing case

for a long time, we live in this world carnival in the environment, by public opinion, was a gimmick dip, mobile phones and other mobile devices have been kidnapped". In addition to full of gimmicks, eye-catching highlights of marketing, in addition to a small apple, chicken and chicken like exaggerated gorgeous, there is a kind of marketing, called moisten things silently.

Google "please give my dad a day off"

is the protagonist of the story is a little girl with a crayon to write letters to Google girl, the gist is that dad in every Saturday rest, but a Wednesday in July is father’s birthday, I hope the company can give dad a holiday. The Google side of the father’s boss replied agreed, and gave Dad a week’s holiday.

stories such as fairy tales, full of positive energy, and have been forwarded to the major social networks, the event was eventually Google search records related to the results of more than 75 million.

because the story of warm and touching, no one care about the story of the source, and no one to explore how these letters by the media, well intentioned people just relying on a warmth to the "another propaganda action of Google.

operators hand-painted using a few books to teach her mother to play WeChat

story is mostly for college students, students in the home as far as the father, the mother drew a WeChat instructions.

is the starting point for the family, parents can learn more easily understand the "high tech", and the child carefree exchanges, students carefully painted a "WeChat manual".

some people say that this is the operator of advertising (or manual has indicated that "China Mobile" or "Chinese Unicom"), some people say that this is WeChat’s propaganda action, but no matter who help such a sweet story, again to build a successful marketing case of a "moisten things silent".


"spoof" do not play the name play guide

Haier brothers has gained the image, at the beginning of this year, Haier company intends to collect a new image for the Haier brothers, so users have a variety of spoof popular, muscular version, bestie version, version anthomaniac…… Haier official decided not to give any rigid restrictions, let the event come naturally, only to guide public opinion.

ultimately, the image of the Haier brothers because of its collection of events, personality, interaction, entertainment positive energy nature of the successful run into the public view.

Successful marketing of products

small apple, something that is not a stream of chicks in this age, but his father, the little girl and the warmth of the case is more into the horizon silent.

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