On the development direction of professional forum from the perspective of push one

On the development direction of professional forum from the perspective of push one

recently, many friends are asking, how to develop professional forums to operate before I have been thinking, in order to find the answer, but also spent a lot of time and energy. Inadvertently, encountered a push, in contact with a period of time, from the push to see the direction of the development of professional forums.

a user experience

Many people know the importance of the

user experience, but not everyone can clearly understand what the user experience in the end.

1, pay attention to details: enter the push one of the main station, you will find that the left side of a very eye-catching tips: remember to push a domain name: tui18.com. Chinese characters to push the pinyin "Tui" + digital "18", such a small detail, no doubt allow visitors to deepen the impression of the site. Of course, the user value of the content, but users feel that the content of the site is good, the next time you want to come back, but forgot the domain name address, such a thing did not happen less. So, it’s important to make it easier for users to remember the details of their website.


classification: first contact "push", that is just a network promotion forum, later discovered, there are many methods and case extension line, this also lets me know "a push". The refinement of the classification is very important, so that visitors can easily find what you want to understand the content of the region. Take the column "marketing", "push", it is the refinement of various types of lists, such as home appliances, automotive, real estate, financial securities market for medical care, it is convenient for visitors to find the content they want.

3, efficiency: a forum is simply cannot do without reply, if you send a message in a consultation forum, but for a long time no one to answer you, then you will certainly feel that the efficiency of this forum is low, so maybe next time will not come again. So, a forum replies must also focus on efficiency caused by the attention, here, students should know that the efficiency is not just equal to the time, but time and quality. "Push" at this point to do good, you are very strong in speed and.

two, content quality

has a user experience, the content should keep up, so that users can not only know your good things, but also know where the good.

1, professional: professional professional forum is essential. At least you can ensure that the problem can be solved for the professional, but also to allow users to feel that something can learn. But there are a lot of people have a misunderstanding, that is, as long as the professional and even more professional type, professional is not only let you know what to do, but also to let you know how to do".

2, practicality: the light is not enough professional, if it appears that the professional will make the user feel very rigid, the most important is the practical. "Push a" in the site diagnosis is a

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