Micro blog micro blog marketing enterprises should be how to plan content Part 1

Micro blog micro blog marketing enterprises should be how to plan content Part 1



every micro-blog operators have to think about this issue, what is the content of the enterprise micro-blog, when the hair, do not interact with the fans, what tone, etc.. Dinner @ students from micro-blog content positioning, content selection, content preparation, content of the implementation of four aspects in detail, for you to tailor your micro-blog exclusive mode, micro-blog specialist can not read the article. Because of the longer, we will be divided into two parts to publish this article.

write in front of words

before the creation of micro-blog account, in addition to the first to do a good job in the basic image of micro-blog positioning, content planning is also the most important. In the process of reading some micro-blog marketing related articles, I believe you will often see micro-blog marketing, content is king, the marketing concept. Indeed, as the march to war, troops and horses forage first strategy. Micro-blog is planning the content of forage, do not have enough food to support the whole army tactical layout behind the wonderful will become even mouth tactics. Therefore, in the process of planning micro-blog, making the contents should be selected carefully and attentively, to worry behind the operation of micro-blog.

some companies do not have a very good content in the release of micro-blog’s content before the release of micro-blog planning, and what the content of the conference to mislead fans, so hurt the brand image of the enterprise. Most of the time, do a good job in advance of the design and planning, not only twice the result with half the effort, but also effectively enhance the brand image of the fans in mind. Under normal circumstances, the enterprise micro-blog, its content planning can be divided into four steps:


content location

positioning is the first thing to do when micro-blog content planning, can help companies understand their own situation, combined with micro-blog’s attributes to make the appropriate adjustments.

in the process of content positioning, enterprises need to combine with the original brand positioning to sum up the simple tonality of the brand, that is, the brand positioning of the target consumer perception or feeling of the brand. For example, the enterprise brand tonality is "young no limit to love you for life, challenge their own piece of the sky", so the tone of the brand is the key word of "young", "stimulation" and "freedom". The use of brand tonality, combined with the brand’s own audience, we can summarize the content of the brand personality. Description of the enterprise brand micro-blog content in the style above need to display a youthful and dynamic image, and in the content selection should be appropriate to share with you some positive blog.

if the company has a number of brands need to plan the content, may wish to refer to the following table according to the brand attributes of the classification of the brand account, after the classification of key words to locate


content personality is what we call

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