WeChat public subscription number 11 secret operation platform

WeChat public subscription number 11 secret operation platform

According to media reports WeChat

number of users has exceeded 600 million! Believe in WeChat will become an important marketing channel in the near future, many companies have launched a micro signal, but the 99% are not the person responsible for the operation of the micro signal, love cooking enterprises responsible for the operation of WeChat subscription number is about half a year, increased from 0 to 18000 fans. The average daily increase of 100 people, in order to more people can understand the business of WeChat public platform can effectively help the operation, I decided to share in more than half a year of actual combat experience.

1, understand the difference between subscription number and service number

enterprise subscription number can send a message every day, service number only a month to send a message to the ordinary enterprises, with the service number is generally not realistic, because your hair once a month, customers may already have forgotten you, depending on your specific needs, because the service No. to provide more powerful than the subscription number, service number can apply as a custom menu.

2, WeChat help to the enterprise?

WeChat marketing is the essence of interaction, the value of the transfer, the maintenance of the old customers, the impact of new customers, many companies regard WeChat as a propaganda tool, every day to send advertising on a regular basis, so that there is no vitality micro signal.

3, the use of good information, read the original

this is very easy to ignore the details, we all know that WeChat information in no way to put a hyperlink, only in the "read" can be put on a hyperlink, through the "read" can increase the customer to the enterprise mobile phone website, can also link before sending WeChat information.

4, WeChat public platform set keywords automatically reply

every time you send the article based on the corresponding keywords, such as the input "1000", "enterprise access to WeChat public platform subscription operations ten secret", enter "m" to see the article directories, in addition to just everyday settings, can also see the customer’s question in "real-time news", put some questions together, the keyword set, for customers to push the answer, saving time for communication service.

5, WeChat

development of the two

would like to provide customers with more convenient features through WeChat, only through the two development to achieve, such as customer query product information, or with the customer CRM system corresponding to remind customers, etc..

personal recommendation WeChat and enterprise mobile phone sites combined, such as reply keywords, the company introduced in the interface to the mobile phone version of the company introduced to the WeChat.

6, each time you push WeChat not more than 3 graphic messages

if the push too much information, there will be no focus, if you focus on telling customers a thing, please send only one message. Remember that the information in the picture can not be too much, within 3 more appropriate, the picture size to be controlled in the following 50K, graphic information to open the speed of the user reading rate.

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