How to develop the soft economy era of soft Trio

How to develop the soft economy era of soft Trio

new era has created a large number of "new network" — as Ali, Mr. Ma Yun proposed to "business owners" in such a call.

I heard a joke, a just entered the company for half a year long network marketing MM asked the director: who is ma? Later because she had the honor to participate in the network to the general assembly that. The network conference focused on the introduction of "Suzhou world color" case, concluded that the individual is of far-reaching significance in vocabulary related to "soft economy".

popular "soft economy" is the placement of advertising marketing, but it is not able to see through, she attached to the soft". The following we focus on analysis of the composition and the realm of soft. And combined with the global coated glass mesh, coated glass Baidu search leading screenshots about.

here we put the soft Wen three, temporarily called the "sonorous trio".

first played (soft sonorous trio primary articles): documentary account general, simple as students to write a diary. For example, now Baidu space, QQ space, blog portal there are countless netizens chronicle literature. Just find a plus a company’s name, of course, have good convergence, not rigid plugging, which became a soft. And then published in the major web sites or their own home page, enterprise website news, etc.. Pay attention to you, not plagiarism, beware of master which day found light is cursed, heavy legal proceedings. Should be based on the soft foundation of a certain source of personal and company’s original, must be original. As for the optional content range is very wide, such as small friction coating workshop staff; and I coated glass brothers unit cooperation business negotiation; today the equipment maintenance coating machine; accidentally cutting scrap ITO conductive glass a piece of precious, led by Aipi; before we go on a picnic, too many people write, record, picture renjunxuanze.

played second (soft sonorous trio intermediate): compared to a play can create two played out quite is talent, writing skills, illustrations to explain things, and corporate culture contact. If you want to reach the intermediate must have 35 years of writing good fortune, and the previous case. Such as the forum, you have published an issue, attracted attention and keep abreast of hundreds of thousands of users. Analysis of their antecedents and purpose, interest, the intention of public opinion no deviation, finally, in which there is no vest with irrigation and so on. These can be made clear, do not worry about brewing a very meaningful value of soft wen".

(Senior sonorous trio third playing soft articles): also known as the sublimation, diversion, soft soft, chewy. Use pictures, animation, video, can not be used on a small. Some also need to use the team strength, so that the outbreak of power can not stop. Ordinary individuals can achieve nothing but in the middle of the process, because it has a very high commercial value. This case: use a lethal.

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