Also talk about how to promote their new website

Also talk about how to promote their new website

as the saying goes: "simple", light is not Chollima bole. A website is doing better, more functions, strong practicability, if you don’t go, don’t let people search queries to your site again good it is to see for himself, and finally do the purpose can not achieve. Below I talk to you about how not to spend a penny, but also fast and simple to promote their website.

1 website title bar content optimization. Write a brief introduction, no more than 30 words, and then the adaptation, as far as possible reasonable import related industry Web site keywords, in other words, to write "search engine" version of the web site.

2 landing major search engines. Login search engine, can say is a sign of website released, currently in the major search engines to domestic operations, including Baidu, Google, Soso, search, Sogou search, etc., to a fall, and because the search engine included new sites have certain work cycle, generally for 1 weeks before February, so this work should begin as early as the better. Here is a special emphasis on, do not use those so-called automatic add tools.

3 make good use of your resources. Release information using his QQ QQ is now a very popular chat mode, as far as I know, usually around the internet almost everyone in the use of QQ, so, from this extension is the most honest.

QQ friends to leave a message. You can send information to each friend, such as: Hello, this is my new site to do, especially practical, particularly powerful, to the point of view to see, will not let you down. Note that, with their own personal information, or else people will think that this is a virus, because now through the QQ release of the virus in particular.


use QQ group release information. For example, one of my QQ in a group, middle school, high school, University, out of work, there are relatives, each of you release a message, a group only once, if each group inside some people click into it, then you visit the site you are greatly improved, but also do not have to spend too much effort, if your site is doing good, the others will be releasing your favorites, after these people will become your regular website.

use QQ space to write log. Write the log in the QQ personal space is very popular now, you can put you on this website introduction and various functions, good write up, and attach your own website address, people feel good words will naturally go visit, if your personal space popularity if it benefits not to mention, certainly a lot of people support you.


personal signature in QQ written on their website address and function, some people see might be interested in going into the visit.

4 mass mail. Promote the use of e-mail, although this is a very garbage promotion, but as long as

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