The first step of the new website promotion

The first step of the new website promotion

on the Internet just use Baidu Search, promotion articles have tens of thousands of engage rookie webmaster, is confused, the specific starting from which step, today first time in here to talk about a few words, wrong please master pointing.

since the promotion of the site, first you have to do a website, I give my own website this is not advertising, but my own experience. After doing the site, use Baidu Search not found, first confused, how would not it, hit the URL in the address bar, which is not here, he is Baidu made a mistake, then check the information.

original Baidu included your station is also time, less than 7 days, there are more than a month, the first step we have to let Baidu included our home page.

1 use blog to promote, let Baidu included home page.

in Sina, Baidu, and several other high-profile sites for a blog, remember a website a blog is enough, the more you will be busy, but also do not love the old Baidu bidding. Then is to write the article, it is best to have a connection with your site, remember to hang up your site to the above, for example, this article from the XX, etc., generally a page hanging around 5 as good, not too much. Don’t write more than 20 articles a day. I stood in the promotion of 3 days later, Baidu has included the home page. So the home page was successfully included.

then we have to do is:

2 update the contents of our website.

I said here, not to say that you collect some of the content on the Internet, and then released to the Internet, it is thought to be updated. The first is now for new sites, Baidu is like the original content, for his original attention is very high, here you have to work hard, do a few original, the best content a little better. Update at least two times a day, if you have time to update a few.

              someone asked impatiently, the next step, the next step, don’t be so impatient, I write something if you look carefully you will certainly be useful to you. At least won’t let you waste time. Here, we first give drum gas, some owners in the first few days, you can write down, but after a few days later, found the live too frustrating people, who do not eat or drink or write a few articles, well, a few articles have copied. Here is that even if you make false original, also want to make some meaning in the original, do not change, change the words, for example, the original is "mother" that is changed to "mother" if it "100" then changed to "one hundred" and many of the skills I am here just say no more. The following is the exchange link.

3 exchange link.

someone said, you a new station who will exchange with you, and returned to the second step, >

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