Enterprises do a marketing network marketing can do it

Enterprises do a marketing network marketing can do it

Internet marketing has become the enterprise must do the work, whether it is the boss himself or hiring a team, or please on behalf of the operating companies, to improve sales through the Internet marketing enterprises. Guardian yuan Kun found that most SMEs do not understand the network marketing, waste of time to become a waste of money.

network marketing is one of the important operation is marketing, marketing and key concern is the news source that marketing, portals and news sources compared with the traditional platform, now the news source of marketing has been including the popular media platform.


to see such a message, what do you feel? Guardian Yuan Kun saw a circle of friends in the enterprise issued a message: if you ask a person to do promotion, then a month 5000, a year is 60 thousand. A team to promote a month 50 thousand, a year is 600 thousand. But you need to do promotion only 3800.



through the service we found: an encyclopedia Sogou and Interactive Encyclopedia, a news source (2 portal +5 mainstream platform), Baidu, Sogou ask and 360 questions each 15, such a sale of 3800 pieces can do network marketing


knowledgeable friends should be very clear, this is just a news source with marketing, sent Sogou and Hudong, plus Baidu, Sogou and ask 360 questions and answers. Such a marketing will be able to do a good job of network marketing, so that all Internet marketing companies do not have to do, the network marketing is really too simple.

we do not deny that the soft marketing does have effect, but is not absolutely dry once can guarantee the network marketing. A 5000 of the staff, I believe that a month to do the soft marketing of the second time (above the introduction of this kind of) the cost is definitely less than 10000 (including the wages of 5000), do you think


guardian Yuan Kun very small and medium-sized enterprises want to understand the mentality of the Internet, it is clear that we are facing problems. But to do network marketing companies, or ask a knowledgeable person to guide, or learn to. It is best to have three months to fight the foundation stage, the growth period of three months, basically half a year to talk about the effect of time.

do not believe that the so-called network marketing success stories, other people’s business can really become famous overnight before making a lot of effort, put into the cost of how many people do not believe that.

enterprise network marketing can not be separated from the soft marketing, can not be separated from our brand publicity, but just do a two news source marketing will not really have a good effect. Of course, we do not deny that there may be a burst of text appeared, but the probability is lower than 5 million.

your enterprise has to do network marketing? How do ?

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