Baidu’s bulk sealing station the film site accounted for 5

Baidu’s bulk sealing station the film site accounted for 5

      several major search engines in China, Baidu to stop the fast, more and more famous in the world of malicious. From the web pages included from tens of thousands to several pages, finally by K, generally only allow owners to react just a few days, the visible Baidu station closed quickly; every time Baidu total station closures, there are hundreds of thousands of individual owners in each big forum posting his own website to suffer this. See Baidu seal station, a server in a dumpster, Baidu general IP, the server in the site all this, see Baidu ruthless sealing station.

      Baidu sealing station, what kind of station? According to the author in several major domestic webmaster gathered (behind forum, Chinaz forum, Admin5 forum, 51la) survey, in the film, music video, video game online games, literary books, IT, hardware resource download, chat with friends, Flash, animation wallpaper, blog, forum site navigation, online shopping and other 12 sites in the movie, the video website was the number of hold top accounted for 37% of the number of the total vote.

      then I personal movie website search, Bibi multi station polymerization Lele movie search collected all the movie station statistics, found by Baidu screen movie station to occupy 52% of the total, while the same station shielded by Google 23%.

      in fact, in the context of the contents of the search engine king is king, film and video sites are bulk storage is not difficult to understand. Because the film video website is difficult to have what the original text content for the search engine to grab, the page is a few words, almost all from Sina and other portal station of the film copy.

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