Cheat others online domain name constitutes fraud sentenced to ten years

Cheat others online domain name constitutes fraud sentenced to ten years

newspaper news (reporter correspondent Yu Jianhua Wu Yucong) recently, Zhejiang District of Wucheng city in Jinhua province people’s court involving "domain name" fraud case of the first case verdict, sentenced the defendant to defraud Jiang Yan was sentenced to ten years imprisonment and fined 100 thousand yuan.

court found that during the period from April 2011 to May, the defendant Jiang Yan will the domain name for himself, using the "Webmaster Tools" on the website of the whois domain name query tools to check the domain name [email protected] mailbox registration and other related information, and through the Internet search engine to obtain the mailbox owner of Zhang Bingxin’s personal data after pretended 21CN website online instant service mailbox owner and the management of the [email protected] mail contact, make up the lost password need to find other reasons to get control of password and deceive the mailbox. The defendant Jiang Yan in history after checking the mailbox mail information, found the domain name and belong to a Bingxin all, and the two names are hosted in Xiamen 35 Internet Polytron Technologies Inc. Subsequently, the defendant Jiang Yan Zhang Bingxin forged the signature and identity information, get 35 Internet domain name transfer password, domain name and will eventually be transferred to the United States in the domain hosting site placed under the control of their own. After identification, the domain name and total value of 1162170 yuan.

court held that the defendant Jiang Yan for the purpose of illegal possession, the use of fictional facts to conceal the truth of the way, to defraud other people’s property, a huge amount, his behavior constituted a crime of fraud. In view of the defendant Jiang Yan first offense, voluntarily pleaded guilty, and the stolen goods have been recovered, and made the victim of understanding, appropriate sentences.

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