Spend 80 million to buy expensive network Yituo patients every year

Spend 80 million to buy expensive network Yituo patients every year

[Abstract] PPC, as a marketing tool for businesses, has now been widely used in the medical field.

work in Beijing Nan Lin opened Baidu search "Beijing andrology hospital family is good, the ranking is Changhong Beijing, Tongji, dawn and the founding of several hospitals, points to open the link, the doctor issued the invitation dialogue network, make him difficult to distinguish between true and false.

Lin Nan do not know is that these Putian Department of specialist hospitals by the previous ranking, are to Baidu, 360, Sogou, etc..

Beijing News reporter survey, in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen first-tier cities, Beijing excellence group under the hospital average from each patient "development" 6000 yuan fee, half spent in "PPC".

ranking before the hospital also brought considerable traffic. Beijing excellence hospital management limited network two department director Li Delin (a pseudonym) said, in a Beijing hospital as an example, the auction brought the "patients" accounted for hospital amount to diagnosis of 30%-40%, and the promotion of a hospital costs each year to reach 80 million yuan.

hospital "PPC"

competitive ranking, with the patient dialogue costs 341.37 yuan / bar, the higher the cost of effective dialogue

competitive rankings, as businesses pay a certain amount of search engines to buy keywords, search engines to obtain qualifying exposure of marketing tools, has now been widely applied to the medical field.

Beijing News reporter survey found that participate in the auction of private hospitals, the main purpose is to pass the top of the rankings as far as possible to the hospital into the flow, creating dialogue, and ultimately formed to the diagnosis.


departure from Beijing a medical company’s bid to bid a commissioner report showed reporters, from November 1, 2015 to November 6th, the hospital in Baidu, 360, Sogou three major search engine consumption totaled 45061.08 yuan, a total of 132 form dialogue, dialogue 88, dialogue cost 341.37 yuan /, effective dialogue the cost is 512.06 yuan / article.


hospital consumption of 45061.08 yuan for promotion expenses, the amount of consumption of Baidu, 360, Sogou three were 37707.13 yuan, 3951.32 yuan, 3402.63 yuan, respectively, the total amount of consumption of 83.68%, 8.77%, 7.55%. Baidu bidding in the three search engines accounted for more than 80% consumption.

Department of different, the cost of the diagnosis is also different. Bidding report account Beijing News reporter obtained a Shanghai andrology hospital in November 2014 showed that the hospital in November in a search engine on the total consumption of 408759.72 yuan, the number of visit to bring the pen consumption for 91 people, to the hospital cost up to 4491.87 yuan / person.

keyword secret


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