State Network letter office vigorously promote the development of instant messaging tools government

State Network letter office vigorously promote the development of instant messaging tools government September 10 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Luo Yufan) National Internet Information Office 10, issued a notice requiring network departments around the country to promote the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions and people’s organizations actively use instant messaging tools to carry out the work of government information services.

notice that the active use of instant messaging tools to carry out government information service in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee is to implement the party spirit, an important means of promoting national governance systems and governance capacity modernization under the new situation, is to implement the party’s mass line, close ties between the party and enhance the party’s ability to govern an important way.


notification requirements, all localities to implement good "instant communication tool of public information service development management Interim Provisions", according to the "Office of the State Council on Further Strengthening the disclosure of government information to respond to social concerns to enhance the credibility of the government", and vigorously promote the construction of instant communication tools, the development and management of government public accounts. Actively encourage education at the county level, public security, civil affairs, social security, environmental protection, transportation, health, industry and commerce, food and drug administration, tourism and other departments closely related to people’s livelihood and open government public accounts. The development of government public account development plan, grasp the laws and characteristics of the mobile Internet, to meet the diverse needs of Internet users, multi-level information needs. Strive for the end of this year, the government public accounts reached 60 thousand.

notice stressed that all localities should earnestly strengthen the construction of government public account information content, and constantly expand and upgrade government public account service functions. Closely around the center work, timely response to social concerns, promote government information disclosure. Solicit public opinion, strengthen two-way exchanges, enhance the policy affinity. Combined with the functions of positioning, open government affairs, information query, online payment and other integrated services, providing fine service, optimize the user experience, improve operational efficiency. Distinguish between government public accounts and government micro-blog’s functional positioning, the implementation of dual micro linkage, collaborative development. Explore the development of clustering, one-stop service approach, in the instant communication platform to set up multi sectoral participation, multi account display hall hall to achieve resource sharing, service linkage.

notification requirements to strengthen the standardization of government affairs public account management, the establishment of the filing system. Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions and people’s organizations to open public accounts, shall be filed with the competent department of Internet information content. By the end of 2015, for the formation of a comprehensive coverage, full-featured instant messaging tools government public information service system.

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