Talk about my campus forum building experience

Talk about my campus forum building experience

      these days to see a lot of friends in the campus forum to write about the feelings, but also learned a lot from. Today also write some of their own experience.

      we want to help, we learn together, if not good, we will look at the next.

      I was enrolled in a vocational college, college three campuses, an area of small, only more than 5 thousand students, it can be said that the size of the campus with the introduction of too much difference.

      after February this year with a friend to install and use the DZ forum to learn, always want to find a station to practice your hand, just started doing a QQ on the forum, the development of more than a month still do not see what people, IP is not known, plus about QQ things do not quite understand, so gradually abandoned the forum began to find material.

      in March a few days after school, see the school forum, the Ministry of education and what restrictions, registration audit, post audit, even reply to the examination, and can think of the popularity.

      gradually build a kind of forum of the Institute of ideas, he began to try to do it, the volcano free space, DZ5.0 program, two days to block what do up, but because of working in student union, so busy, basically have a the week did not go to the Forum again when the forum has not, to find out why that is the space points of advertising, I click is not to be shut, no way, looking for business to engage in open space station, backup data, start to get the station.

      write it himself depressed, not a little thought, scribble, hey, it is not the writing material, hope that we can continue to look down.

      when it comes to get the station, I put the forum for re positioning of the beginning, to build the school forum, then consider the actual situation of their own, decided to do a forum (I in the information department), and then gradually expanded into the academy level development forum, many people may not understand why do so, will feel the forum transformation is difficult, it will continue to go.

      early station, my initial thoughts: (-

– class department institute)

      1, do a good job in the Department of the Department of basic modules, the Department of the forum to mobilize the atmosphere. Not much, but to be fine, here I said in particular that the forum of my class, is for each class to establish their own version of the class to encourage the

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