Robin Li cultural industry is facing two major opportunities for consumption and technology entrepre

Robin Li cultural industry is facing two major opportunities for consumption and technology entrepre

Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li


technology news December 20th afternoon news, Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li today to attend the 2016 Chinese Cultural Industry Summit and the first Jing Chuwen Festival, and delivered a speech on the cultural industry innovation, he starts from the past year highlights the cultural phenomenon, to share my own thinking about new opportunities for cultural industry technological innovation, upgrading of consumption under the trend.

Robin Li said that this year the obvious benefits for upgrading of consumption culture industry, "an obvious feature, users are more willing to pay for cultural products, who can meet the needs of users of good content, money is ripe. With the diversification of consumer demand for cultural consumption, the power of the new platform is also increasingly evident in the cultural industry.

in this regard, Robin Li mentioned this explosion of documentary "I repair cultural relics" in the Imperial Palace, and "Adorable contrast" to describe it with the B station between the collision, "cultural industry practitioners to rethink the platform, an unexpected market might be hidden in you think ‘impossible’ place". At the same time, as the artificial intelligence technology leader, Robin Li also stressed that the technical effect of the cultural industry, "in the face of tight back line technology often can deliver the ball, help" offside "culture." With the development of technology such as voice, image, natural language understanding, user portrait and so on, the function of artificial intelligence will be far more than that.

finally, Robin Li also said that Chinese does not lack good stories, but did not like Harry Porter "across cultures, with ecological effect of IP", and this "ecological thinking" is we to learn from Hollywood where the. "Learning is for the ultimate beyond," he lamented, "in the face of the world to create huge economic interests and the world’s interest in the ‘Hollywood paradigm’, where is our sense of existence?"

Robin Li said it was time to talk about our "Chinese story", which he thought was the responsibility of entrepreneurs. (Li Gen)

following Robin Li’s speech:

distinguished leaders, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Wuhan to attend the fourth China cultural industry summit.

Last year’s

summit held in the ancient city of Changan, this year we went to the "Chu", these places are the most profound cultural heritage. Today we can be traced back to Yandi Shennong here legend, but also the birth of thousands of years. Chu culture, we are very deep. Wuhan and Yellow Crane Tower, has been standing on the edge of the Yangtze River for nearly two thousand years. Such a heavy cultural heritage with the scale of our cultural industry is actually not proportional. In the world economic map, China ranked second, ranked first in the United States, his history is only a short period of more than and 200 years, and China nearly 5000 years of history, so from the cultural aspects of the development of space, our potential is very large.

Hubei have the historical heritage and long glory, more.

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