Website spoof Olympic logo will be forced to shut down

Website spoof Olympic logo will be forced to shut down

"the production or dissemination of distortion, tampering with the Olympic logo and related works of pictures, text, music, movies and other so-called network spoof, is a serious violation of copyright law violations. For those who do not listen to advice, insist on infringing activities of illegal sites should be resolutely closed; the legal registration of the site, to inform them to immediately delete the infringing content." Feng Junke, director of Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau, said in the January 16th Olympic copyright protection forum.

reporter learned from the forum, with the Beijing Olympic Games preparatory work comprehensive orderly, with "the emblem of the Beijing Olympic Games" and "Olympic mascot" "Olympic mark" "Olympic slogan" is the symbol of the Olympic Games copyright works continue to emerge and the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to confirm. But the individual enterprises or individuals are unauthorized free use of the Olympic symbol, the Olympic logo, ultra authorized the use of unauthorized free communication, download the Olympic related audiovisual works or even deliberately tampering with the spoof Olympic Games work behavior, a serious violation of human rights and the designated Olympic products distributor of the legitimate rights and interests of the Olympic economy disrupted the market order, impair the image of the government. Therefore, to do the Olympic Games copyright protection, not only to safeguard human rights and the legitimate rights and interests of distributors designated Olympic products, but also directly affects the Olympic economy can realize the benign development, affect the government Chinese good international image, affect the success of the Olympic Games held successfully. Olympic copyright protection is not to do, can do more to do less work, but the Olympic preparations must be an important part of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to make a solemn commitment to the International Olympic Committee.

this forum by the Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee jointly organized. The meeting also issued a "welcome the Olympic Games, copyright protection, abide by the rules – we act together," the proposal.

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