Phishing site Jingdong mall suffered infringement brand infringement

Phishing site Jingdong mall suffered infringement brand infringement

June 26th news, the network is rapidly changing the world, in the community and more and more people to bring convenience, at the same time, the network of illegal and criminal activities are rampant. According to statistics, the global fishing case since 2005, is growing at an annual rate of more than 200%, deceived users up to 5%. The harm of phishing in China will deepen! "Analysys International issued a" warning "to the Internet, said that with the development of electronic commerce in China, phishing fraud in the future there will be more and more, and expand the scale and nature of the upgrade.

phishing site eyeing Jingdong mall

recently, in the quarter, foreign work told reporters that he had just received a letter entitled "upgrade" Jingdong mall system e-mail, said "if you don’t update your personal information, your Jingdong mall account will be terminated, also attached to the back of a link. The reporter then opened the link, found the same website with the Jingdong store, and asked the registered user name and password. But click on the URL properties, it was found to be an unknown IP address.

season is likely to be a phishing site, Jingdong mall customer service department official told reporters. Recently, we have received a lot of similar phone calls from consumers, are asking why we need to re register the system upgrade user password, the previous integral is still valid, we found that the problem. Even if the system upgrade, we will not notify the user through e-mail, etc., but will not require users to re register the user name, password."

for this reason, Jingdong mall customer service department official suggested online shopping users, online transactions should take some preventive measures. For example, check the web site to see if it is consistent with the real url. Do not search through the search engine to find the URL or other unknown sites and links to unknown links. Secondly, for online shopping, online shopping web site is not too familiar with, try to choose cash on delivery form, to the Jingdong headed by a large formal mall e-commerce sites generally provide cash on delivery, and the payment will not provide fake website. Again, the bottom of the regular e-commerce site authorized by the trade and Industry Bureau of industrial and commercial Red Shield logo (business website for the record information), click to verify the identity of the site and corporate information. And phishing sites or fake sites, or no industrial and commercial Red Shield logo, or the link is invalid.

Jingdong mall brand sleepy: infringement phenomenon more than

Jingdong mall brand assets are being violated, unscrupulous businesses wanton use Jingdong mall President Liu Qiangdong told reporters.

as the country’s largest 3C shopping site, Jingdong mall has 600 thousand fixed members, the growth rate of more than three consecutive years, this year’s expected sales of $1 billion 200 million will reach $300%. Miraculously rise in the enterprise at the same time, caused a lot of unscrupulous businessmen peep. Driven by interests, not only phishing sites fake Jingdong mall implementation of network fraud >

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