Everyone to do business on the American community feelings do not go into a long way

Everyone to do business on the American community feelings do not go into a long way

The predecessor of

film and television is the YYeTs subtitle group, which was founded in June 1, 2006. It is one of the earliest and most influential subtitle groups in china. The peak, everyone in the film subtitle translation gathered more than 2000 part-time, they spontaneously organized together, to maintain the "public" career. Free subtitles and free download resources make it the accumulation of a large number of American TV fans, also accumulated a lot of risk.

copyright disaster occurred in October 2014, the American Film Institute (MPAA) released a report on the global survey of audio and video piracy, and everyone in the film and television announced that it is listed in the blacklist. A month later, the media broke, it was also called everyone film subtitle station part of the organization’s servers were closed, December 20th is the official closing date.

after more than a year, the evaluation on this matter: COO Miao Haolin: "everyone is never in a subtitle group company form."

everyone is everyone in the film drama "rectification" form of organization. If you go to Baidu search this name, first name is app download link guide page, in addition to this website is a name similar to the fish in troubled waters. The transformation of the organization is quite thorough, not even a website.

when everyone in the film easy to have people, knowing that "everyone drama", "know it was Li Kaifu cast". To say entrepreneurial base, this is their biggest advantage. By the end of 2014, when everyone in the film won the innovation works of angel investment, in February 6, 2015, it return to "all American", claiming to do "the first American community Chinese". As for the same name App on-line time, then in October 2015.

off station, financing, renamed and then put into operation, this series of events have occurred more than a year. How is it now?

team has been plagued by copyright, the community is the only solution, the total can not do the resource sharing station." Innovation works is responsible for the project investor Chen Yuetian on "curiosity daily" said, everyone in the film is unique, no second. Starting from the grassroots and friends spontaneously, ten years to do that the scale is not easy, they are to help the team to do the next level of improvement".

everyone CEO TV shows Xiao Ming, born in 1988, formerly known as Zhou Weimin. In the office of the 2 floor, Yangpu District Innovation workshop in Shanghai, he was interviewed by curiosity daily. He said, hope to see all TV users, in addition to chase drama also here to participate in interactive topic, back when playing BBS feeling. He envisaged that the app can do much more like the mobile version of watercress — Based on information, theater and film interactive area provided on the chase drama related one-stop service.

The idea of

was successfully attracted

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