Grassroots marketing thinking how to locate the WeChat story

Grassroots marketing thinking how to locate the WeChat story

said the WeChat marketing at present, should be regarded as the most popular topic, many people have doubts when the WeChat marketing, some of the first people to test the water already found a pot of gold marketing, the marketing opportunities. At present this crazy pass derivative is the development of the network generally represent the general trend, as long as what do micro business can full instead to windfall profits, which obviously overstates the real bearing capacity of WeChat. WeChat marketing reality is very cruel, there is success, there is failure, want to in the WeChat marketing tide independent of their body, want to put the WeChat marketing well, we must adapt to it, and can not completely rely on it, it is simple, it is complicated, the subtle relationship to grasp it, we must fully understand it, adapt to it. The face of WeChat marketing need to think calmly, WeChat marketing to hold the direction, the following analysis on how to build a good WeChat micro marketing.

WeChat marketing can not become the mask of the main battlefield. Open WeChat naturally found mask advertising is really the area in the bidding agency, is also the development of offline skincare product seems to be get in by every opening, synonymous with derivative. The overall marketing looks perfect, the old with the new, growing, like nets for fish, do not a leak, this is the biggest problem it exists, then who is benefiting? Although the recent skincare product of false goods have been effectively curbed, but this kind of goods still in the WeChat circle of friends was very prosperous, since doing is certainly a little achievement, a common phenomenon is the mask every month can earn thousands of dollars, why? Is WeChat marketing friends in marketing, relying on the trust between friends, you will not care too much about 100 to ten dollars, this is WeChat marketing the biggest hidden point, but with the expansion of WeChat marketing, how many real friends or friends. WeChat marketing need to identify the model, the product also needs to diversify the structure of the adjustment of marketing, just want to be bigger and stronger through the circle of friends.

WeChat marketing need to avoid weaknesses, rational use of advantage. WeChat marketing is a bit counter attack means, become one of the most flourishing platform now, there does have its advantages. Now many people understand WeChat marketing play wrong is "advertising war" one-sided understanding in place is the marketing work done from advertising, but this is very extreme, in the process of marketing has ignored a basic common sense, consumers of psychological factors, simply rely on advertising to take the initiative the attack, only for consumer resentment, where he immediately sealed, this "party advertising" can be said that WeChat’s marketing promotion, while ignoring the essence of WeChat marketing, emotional marketing, trust marketing and so on, WeChat marketing involves a very broad, planning, promotion, creative, maintenance etc. not so simple, small ads, so the skills and methods of WeChat marketing also need more study, only the reasonable use, can avoid weaknesses Effect.

WeChat marketing is to establish a brand and trust. Marketing if there is no good service >

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