Discussion on the purpose of media soft Wen release

Discussion on the purpose of media soft Wen release

most afraid of is to expose their shortcomings in front of outsiders, but in other words, only the constant anatomy of their own shortcomings can continue to progress. Although it is the opposite of the two extremes, but as long as we learn how to face, it is possible to show their lives. This principle applies equally to


first, the soft text for SEO, it is tantamount to play the role of optimization, so as to better online promotion. The news is the most important part of the soft Wen, can increase brand awareness, help to enhance the corporate brand.


then, send media marketing can also play a role to suppress the negative, some enterprise product is likely due to negligence or competitors nausea fried negative news, a product image of enterprises and media marketing has played a huge role, enterprises can be released through the media and soft negative news. To ease the enterprise public relations crisis.

again, will the general soft Wen in enterprise product keywords plus hyperlinks or directly with some enterprise web site, if it will contain the website link soft release to the media website, not only can increase the weight of enterprise website, can also increase the amount of reprint. Full trust hair soft Wen can get network media groups, large and medium-sized portal website is the network group and local media will visit places, so the soft launch in this kind of website is able to bring more visitors to the website, online marketing success has played a key role.

for advertisers, select the media press platform, in addition to the resource factors, another important consideration is the media press price, which is It’s only human. Another advantage is that the news platform is cheap, open and transparent. Bo Yang news writing platform http://s.www.qituiguang.cn/, it is in at science and Technology (micro signal: softweibo, Sina micro-blog @ at an accurate interactive marketing) a one-stop marketing platform (http//pomg.softweibo.com) of soft news press advertising promotion, the main landing Bo Yang news writing platform, you can self query different media soft release price convenient, advertisers for the nearest contrast media. In addition to providing media press the most preferential price for advertisers, but also heavy launch many super affordable packages for a long time advertisers demand press selection, 100 percent profit to advertisers.

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